Water exercise has developed an unfair reputation for consisting of light cardio aimed at aging seniors. With this workout guide, you’ll find that there are many aqua exercises available to give you a total body workout. Add weighted barbells, pool weights, tension bands or steps to further enhance your swim spa fitness regime. Click To Tweet

Swim Spa Workout

Some of these workouts may sound too easy but keep in mind that water’s natural resistance means that you get much more of a workout in water than you would on dry land. Not only that, but while land exercise can be harsh on your muscles and joints, water workouts are low impact and easy on the joints. Water increases flexibility while diminishing pain. Here are 10 workouts sure to burn calories:

1) Jogging in Place

Jogging in place is a great warm-up exercise that also works your quads. Simply run in place while bringing your knees up as high as possible.

2) Side Jump

With feet together, jump from side to side while keeping your feet together. The more you bend your knees before jumping, the more you will feel the burn.

3) Water Plank

Planks are known as a great core strengthener. To do one in the water you’ll need a pool noodle. Hold it vertically in both hands. Press it down into the water and lean forward until your head is just above water. Hold for 1-2 minutes.

4) Flybacks

Flybacks are a great exercise for your chest, back, and arms. Start in a lunge position with your arms straight out in front of you at chest height. Move your arms out to the side of your body in a sweeping motion, keeping them straight throughout, then return to the starting position. This is one rep. Switch your legs on every set.

5) Tricep Push

Hold a set of water dumbbells by your chest, with the top of each one touching your shoulders. With your elbows bent and palms facing each other, slowly push the weights down towards your thighs, straightening your arm as you go. Your upper arms should not move. Once your arms are straight, bring the weights back to the starting position.

6) Rows

Hold a set of water dumbbells with your arms extended at chest level and your palms facing down to the bottom of the swim spa. Forcefully pull them towards your chest then slowly push them back out to your starting position.

7) Bicycle

Put your back against the wall of the swim spa. Hold yourself up by grabbing the top lip of the swim spa with both hands. Bring your legs up just beneath the surface of the water and move them as though you were pedaling a bike.

8) Flutter Kick

Holding on to your swim spa’s safety bar, flatten your body out along the surface of the water (facing the water) and start kicking your legs quickly.

9) Crunch

Put your back against the wall of the swim spa. Hold yourself up by extending your arms to either side and grabbing the top lip of the swim spa. Extend your legs straight out with your knees and feet together. Pull your knees into your chest, then push them back to the starting position.

10) Back Balance

Floating on your back, slowly raise your left arm and right leg, then switch to the right arm and left leg. Try not to go underwater, using buoyancy and paddling to stay afloat.

Safety First

As with any exercise, you should speak with your doctor if you suffer from any condition that would make exercise dangerous. Always warm up, and do your workout when someone else is around. Stay hydrated and stretch when you’re done. If at any time you feel lightheaded, slowly exit your swim spa and get help.

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