What’s the best way to give yourself an awesome at-home spa day? A brand new hot tub, of course! But why stop there? A few accessories and handy appliances near your hot tub can turn a good day into a great day.

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Improving Your Hot Tubbing Experience

Your hot tub should be a place for you to kick back and soak away the day’s troubles. While our amazing spas can do that for sure, why not add your own personalized relaxation routine to your spa day? What else could make your time even better? Try one of these popular hot tub additions:

  1. Towel warmer
  2. Wine fridge
  3. Music player

1) Towel Warmer

Getting out of the hot tub can cause temperature shock, especially on a cooler day. Why not ease the transition a bit? Keep a towel warmer near your spa to keep fresh towels warmed and ready to wrap up in as you get out. Not only will you be dry, but you’ll also be comfortable too!

2) Wine Fridge

What’s better than a cold glass of wine in your hot tub? An outdoor wine fridge keeps your favorite drinks at hand. It’s also the perfect addition to a hot tub party! Keep your friends entertained with chilled drinks.

Pro Tip: If you buy appliances or accessories to keep near your Houston hot tub, make sure they’re weatherproof! Don’t let unexpected rain ruin your towel warmer or wine fridge.

3) Music Player

Quiet music is the perfect way to round out a relaxing hot tub session. Depending on your preferences, you can even find Bluetooth-enabled floating speakers that will light up your hot tub with colorful LEDs! Add some class and auditory relaxation to your spa day.

Enjoy Your Hot Tub Day!

You deserve to relax, and your hot tub is only one part of a truly relaxing day. Chill your favorite drinks nearby, listen to quiet music, and wrap up in a freshly warmed towel afterward. You can’t go wrong with these luxurious additions to your hot tub paradise!

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