There’s no need to pay through the nose for a spa day in an unfamiliar environment. With your brand new hot tub, why not create your own spa day in the privacy of your own home? Find your new favorite ways to relax!

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Relaxing at Home

An at-home spa day can be one of the nicest things you do for yourself. Whether you want to throw a hot tub party or just relax, you can customize your off day as you wish. Try out a few of these ideas:

  1. Spa water
  2. Heated towels or robes
  3. Soft music

1) Spa Water

Many high-end spas serve water infused with sliced fruit or cucumbers. Why not make your own version? Whether you use an infusion pitcher or just float slices in a large glass, make your own refreshingly flavored water to sip in your hot tub.

Pro Tip: If you take a drink to your hot tub, stick with cool drinks! Your hot tub provides enough heat on its own.

2) Heated Towels or Robes

Do you already have a towel heater? Warmed towels are a key part of the sauna experience, but why not use the warmer for your bathrobe too? Wrapping up in a warm robe after the spa will feel amazing. Relax in warm style!

3) Soft Music

Plenty of Bluetooth speakers have been designed to be used near or even in hot tubs. Try playing relaxing music and cycling through colorful lights in the water as you relax. The combination of calming sounds and chromotherapy will work wonders for you in an at-home spa setting.

Design Your Own Spa Day

Not many things beat relaxing in your own hot tub with a few customized spa treatments. Need a day off or just a way to unwind? Give these a shot and relax in the best way possible!

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