A swim spa, designed to allow you to do water exercises in your own backyard, comes with several custom features to enhance your experience. Whether you prefer to swim in place like an underwater treadmill or relax in a hot tub with your friends, a well-designed spa has you covered with plenty of built-in swim spa accessories.

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Built-In Swim Spa Accessories

Each included feature on your spa contributes to the therapeutic experience you’ll receive. In addition to the natural health benefits of relaxing in hot water, the specially designed additions to your spa will further relax you and promote wellness. When you’re looking for a swim spa, look for models that include these luxury features:

  1. Antimicrobial filter
  2. Titanium heater
  3. Underwater LED lights

1) Antimicrobial Filter

Any hot tub user knows that dirt and bacteria can build up over time, making the water turn cloudy and requiring a thorough sanitizing session. Fortunately, a built-in antimicrobial filter can slow this process down, allowing you to go longer between cleanings. This filter reduces the risk of excessive bacterial buildup and makes sure you won’t get sick from your swim spa.

Pro Tip: When you sanitize your hot tub, make sure to scrub the antimicrobial filter as well. The cleaner your filter is, the longer it can keep your spa clean.

2) Titanium Heater

Any swim spa needs a water heater, but titanium is a particularly useful metal for a heater. Aside from being strong, titanium is also a very inert metal, meaning corrosion and buildup in the heater are nearly nonexistent. A titanium heater will last you a long time and continue providing plenty of hot water to keep your swim spa useful.

3) Underwater LED Lights

If you’ve ever seen a hot tub lit up with color-changing LED lights, you know how relaxing that is. It’s not just your imagination either–chromatherapy, the science of therapy using differently-colored lights, is widely acknowledged. Many models of swim spa come with built-in LED lights to provide a soft glow while you exercise or relax in the comfort of hot, jetted water. Take advantage of this therapeutic addition to your spa experience!

The Perfect Swim Spa Experience

With excellent built-in swim spa accessories, many hot tub models provide a therapeutic, enjoyable experience for the user. Make sure to ask about included features and their potential health benefits before you put money down on that new swim spa. You may just be surprised by how much is already included!

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