A plug and play spa is a different type of hot tub for the homeowner with different backyard goals. Instead of installing the spa inground or wiring it into the house, a plug and play hot tub simply plugs into a typical outdoor outlet for power. Depending on your long-term plans for your home and spa, a plug and play could be a perfect choice! See if any of these benefits appeal to you.

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Plug and Play vs. Standard Spas

A plug and play hot tub offers you a few not insignificant benefits that a standard spa doesn’t. While both have their pros and cons, a plug and play is probably the better choice under a few specific circumstances. These special hot tub models offer the following benefits:

  1. Easy setup
  2. Portability
  3. Health benefits

1) Easy Setup

A plug and play spa is very simple to set up. Simply place the hot tub where you want it, fill it up with the hose, plug it into an outdoor power socket, and wait for the heater to heat the water. That’s it! No need to excavate a section of the backyard or install pipes. The plug and play spa is ready to go right when you buy it!

2) Portability

If the location of your spa suddenly becomes inconvenient, a plug and play hot tub lets you move it to a better location without any trouble as long as you still have power. Better yet, you don’t have to leave the spa behind when you move. Just rent a truck and bring your spa wherever you live!

Pro Tip: Do you rent your home? A plug and play spa lets you bring the hot tub experience to any rental property you live in!

3) Health Benefits

Of course, a plug and play spa provides all the same health benefits of a traditional inground hot tub. The hot water and optional LED lights will help you relax after a long, stressful day. You can also relax knowing that this spa experience will travel with you anywhere you go with a portable spa!

When a Plug and Play Spa is the Better Choice

Renters, casual spa users, or budget-conscious homeowners will all appreciate the simplicity and high functionality offered by a plug and play spa. Enjoy all the features and benefits of an inground hot tub with far less of the hassle!

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