Swim spas, especially the kind with a section for relaxation as well as exercise, are an excellent type of hot tub for homeowners. Who doesn’t love a good water workout followed by a relaxing soak in a jetted spa? But before you buy your new swim spa, consider how and where you’d like to install it. Different styles of installation will result in different aesthetic plans for your outdoor living space as well as different methods of accessibility for maintenance. What’s best for your backyard?

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Swim Spa Ideas

Depending on your backyard style, how much room you have, and when you’ll use your swim spa, there are several different installation styles you can choose from. Each style leaves plenty of room for your creative vision and allows maintenance workers to easily access the plumbing when necessary. Which of these styles best fits your backyard?

  1. Deck installation
  2. Indoors
  3. Freestanding 

1) Deck Installation

Above-ground spas don’t have to be freestanding structures. If your backyard already has a deck, why not incorporate your new swim spa into the deck? For a quick project, set up your new hot tub at the edge of the deck and incorporate it into what’s already there. If you don’t mind more involved work, your spa contractor can cut a hole in your deck and build the spa closer to the middle. Either way, you’ll end up with a swim spa perfectly integrated into your backyard deck!

2) Indoors

Not everyone wants to spend their time outside. Some homeowners want to turn an interior area into a swim spa room! This way, you can enjoy a workout in the privacy and climate-controlled comfort of your house. This installation style does require a bit more involved work, however, so make sure to talk with your contractor about what changes to make.

Pro Tip: An indoor swim spa generates a lot of steam. Make sure the room is properly ventilated so moisture doesn’t build up and cause damage in your house.

3) Freestanding

For homeowners who prefer an outdoor swim spa, there’s one final style: freestanding. This is arguably the simplest installation type and doesn’t connect your spa to any other feature, allowing it to stand on its own. This allows you to set up furniture and other fun features around your spa to create the perfect hangout spot. For a quick and easily customizable spa installation, you can’t go wrong with a freestanding hot tub!

Build Your Perfect Swim Spa Setting!

Like any type of hot tub, your swim spa should meet your needs and provide you with a comfortable space to exercise or relax outside. Which style is best suited to your backyard? Talk to our contractors today to start building your plan!

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