Need to amp up your exercise routine? Or, maybe you suffer from a debilitating illness and you’re looking for some pain relief. An aquatic swim spa workout is exactly what you need. Within the first day of using your new hot tub, you will immediately realize that the investment was well worth it. The convenience of water sports in your Katy home is unlike anything else. Still not convinced? Explore these additional 4 benefits of working out in a swim spa.

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How Can a Swim Spa Enhance Your Workout Routine?

Swim spa workouts offer numerous benefits to both body and mind. But, we chose a few top advantages to highlight that we believe to be the best. From increasing muscle strength and relieving stiff joints to pain relief, it’s the perfect all-around exercise routine for people of all ages.

  1. Increase Muscle Strength  
  2. Relieve Stiff Muscles and Joints
  3. Less Muscle Pain
  4. A Complete Resistance Activity   

1) Increase Muscle Strength

The powerful jet currents of a swim spa can give you amazing resistance training opportunities. Increase or decrease the current with the touch of a button and clip on resistance bands for a total aquatic muscle strengthening workout in your own backyard.

Pro Tip: A swim spa lets you enjoy year-round aquatic muscle strengthening exercises with heated water during the winter and cooled water in the hot summer months.

2) Relieve Muscle Stiffness/ More Mobility  

Even if your mobility is minimal, you can easily do a swim spa workout. Its versatility provides options to sit, stand, or swim in high-current water. Simple flutter kicks or water marching can help improve muscle stiffness and increase mobility — something everyone can participate in, no matter your age.

3) Less Muscle Pain

Do you have sore muscles from a workout or suffer from an illness that causes body pain like Fibromyalgia? A swim spa workout is your answer to less muscle pain. The warm water combined with gentle jet streams gives your body the massage and blood flow it needs to heal. Water is naturally buoyant, which gives your body a rest from moving muscles that otherwise might be painful on land. The best part is that aerobic exercise is a low impact and high resistance activity, so you can rest assured the likelihood of injury is low.

4) A Complete Resistance Activity

Want a high-resistance sport? An aquatic swim spa workout gives you as little or as much resistance as you want combined with the effects of warm water relief. Investing in a swim spa means you get to do the water workouts you love in the comfort of your own backyard (your friends and neighbors will all be jealous too).

Get Moving!

If you want the best of both worlds when it comes to a hot tub, a swim spa provides both relaxing hot water soaks and workout areas all in one product!

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