It’s summer! To enjoy the warm weather, your friends and family will probably want to hang out at your place for a cozy summer evening. Is your backyard ready to host an outdoor party or two? Learn how to design the perfect backyard for entertaining guests this summer!

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An Entertaining Backyard

A summer backyard party calls for a good balance of style, comfort, and functionality. How does your yard measure up? These essentials for a good backyard party can help you get started:

  1. Hot tub or spa
  2. Outdoor furniture
  3. Lighting
  4. Shade structures

1) Hot Tub or Spa

Relax in the spa after a long day! For an added touch of fun, serve your spa guests some snacks on a floating tray. A soothing hot tub experience is the perfect way to end a summer’s day and spend time with your best friends.

2) Outdoor Furniture

Throw a dinner party outside with some durable outdoor dining area furniture. Choose from a variety of styles and colors to create a perfectly customized backyard experience for yourself and your friends. Best of all? Most outdoor furniture is made of durable, weather-resistant fabric that can easily hold up to splashes from the nearby hot tub.

3) Lighting

Keep your party going long into the night with eye-catching lighting in your backyard! A particularly popular style is string lights, strung across a patio or other structure to provide an even source of light. For a true touch of exotic nighttime lighting, try a fire table to enjoy all the benefits of an open flame with less of the mess.

Pro Tip: Most hot tub models come pre-installed with underwater LED lights. Not only does this help light up the night, but it also enhances the relaxing atmosphere of a spa experience!

4) Shade Structures

A shaded structure for your backyard will keep the worst of the heat and sun away from your guests, in addition to protecting you from falling leaves from nearby trees. Choose from different styles ranging from canvas umbrellas to more traditional arbolas. For a shaded hot tub experience, make sure the shadow falls over your spa so you can soak in comfort.

Customized Backyard Designs

Make the most out of your summer with a backyard made for entertaining! Spend quality time with your family and friends in a comfortable, stylish outdoor setting. With a little strategic planning, you can find the best design for your yard and preferences.

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