What’s the best way to experience the heat, back support, and health benefits of a hot tub without getting wet? Using a massage chair! Our massage chairs’ features are designed to help you enjoy your time and feel just as relaxed and happy as you do after a dip in the spa.

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The Best Massage Chair Features

Massage chairs are designed to give you the same relaxing, therapeutic experience as a hot tub, without the need to change into a swimsuit or get wet. But it doesn’t stop there! Our massage chairs come equipped with luxurious features to ensure you enjoy your experience and feel refreshed afterward. Here’s what you can expect from our massage chair collection:

  1. Bluetooth connections
  2. App controls
  3. Full-body or targeted massage
  4. Customizable massage
  5. Conforms to any body type

1) Bluetooth Connections

Many excellent massage chairs are Bluetooth compatible. Love listening to music during a massage? Just connect your phone to your chair and put on your favorite soothing songs to round out your massage experience! Give yourself the perfect soundtrack.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to disconnect your phone from the massage chair’s Bluetooth once your session is over! You don’t want to disturb the next person who wants a turn.

2) App Controls

Our massage chair models offer the added bonus of giving you complete control over your experience through your phone. Using our app, available for both Android and iPhone models, you can customize your massage with a simple tap on your screen. Stay in full control the whole time.

3) Full-Body or Targeted Massage

Sometimes, you just want to focus on a particularly sore muscle. Other days, you may want some massage therapy on your entire body. Whichever you prefer, you can program your massage chair to deliver the exact type of massage you want, when you want it. Our chairs are designed to pinpoint sore spots across your whole body and give you the most relaxing experience of your life.

4) Customizable Massage

A massage therapist may not always understand what you’re asking for or know just where to apply pressure. You know better than anyone else what hurts and where your body needs attention the most. With one of our massage chairs, you can custom-design your massage experience to your exact preferences and needs. Make it as long, short, gentle, or intense as you want it!

5) Conforms to Any Body Type

Finally, we know that our clients vary in height, weight, and build. Since we believe everyone deserves an exceptional massage experience, we’ve designed our massage chairs to be customizable and conforming to any body type. Regardless of your build, you’ll find our electric massage chairs to be the perfect fit for you and enjoy a massage program specifically designed for you.

Enjoy Your Perfect Massage

Just like different people use their hot tubs for different functions, from therapy to exercise, we recognize different clients will want different things out of their massage chairs. That’s why we’ve gone to such great lengths to include universally appealing additions and features to allow you to create your ideal massage session. Manage chronic pain or just enjoy some quiet time in your own personal massage chair!

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