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Your home is the place you go to escape the hustle and bustle of life. The thought of letting your stress dissipate in the warm waters of your own backyard hot tub is an appealing one. However, it’s important to carefully plan not only where to place the hot tub, but what will go around it. This is where you can add a lot of personalization to the overall appearance of your hot tub.

Unique Backyard Hot Tub Design Ideas

A hot tub plopped on your patio without any customization or privacy can seem a bit plain and awkward. Adding even simple elements, like stairs, can make it look cohesive. With some creativity, you can create a relaxing and beautiful area to enjoy private relaxation or fun with family and friends. Here are 5 ways design ideas sure to make your hot tub shine:

1) Privacy Enclosure

Relaxing in your hot tub after a long day is the perfect way to unwind, but it’s not an experience you want to share with your neighbors. Enclosures and coverings can be easily customized to offer as much, or as little privacy as you’d like. They’re not a substitute for a good cover, but enclosures do offer another level of protection for your hot tub.

2) Patio & Pergola

Patios are a great way to extend your living space and are an ideal spot for a pergola. Adding a pergola to your patio provides a beautiful structure to surround your hot tub. Pergolas are decorative but can be made functional with the addition of sheer curtains or polycarbonate panels to shield the sun.

3) Columns

Tall columns add drama and elegance to outdoor space. With the aesthetic of ancient Roman Baths, they’re a unique feature that adds substantial ambiance. Place one at each corner of your hot tub, draping long outdoor curtains between each column.

4) A Living Ceiling

Not many backyard hot tub design ideas provide the feel of an outdoor oasis quite like a living ceiling. A simple wood frame over your hot tub is the perfect structure for climbing vegetation. Train ivy to cover the frame, adding fragrant blooms to create a fragrant and beautiful setting.

5) Steps & Seating

Wood steps and seating built around a freestanding hot tub adds both convenience and customization. Sunken hot tubs provide a look of cohesion, but you can still achieve that with the right surround. Adding stairs, or custom wood bench seating around your hot tub can transform an otherwise plain sight. Stairs can be prefabricated or can be built from impressive natural stone on site.

A Cohesive Design

The most important tip when incorporating a hot tub into your backyard space is to choose a cohesive design. Using the style of your home and existing landscaping as a foundation, frame your hot tub so that it’s clearly defined and looks like it belongs. The result is a luxurious and functional space to unwind after a long day!

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