Many people know the benefits soaking in a hot tub can give, but you might not realize that for those suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis pain (RA), exercising in hot water can help improve range of motion, decrease pain and swelling, and ease stiff joints. In fact, people with RA report feeling much better after working out in warm water in comparison to exercising on land.

Hot Tub Workouts for People with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Exercising in a hot tub is beneficial for chronic pain sufferers like those with RA for many reasons. The buoyancy of the water helps reduce the impact on your bones and allows joints to move more freely. Exercising in your hot tub can help you reestablish body balance and also reduce the risk of further complications such as bone loss. Click To Tweet Hydrotherapy and performing exercises in your hot tub also helps increase anti-inflammatory substances in the body. Here are five great way to exercise in your hot tub if you have rheumatoid arthritis pain.

  1. Water Walking
  2. Aqua Cycling
  3. Cross Country Ski
  4. Leg Lifts and Curls
  5. Various Classes

1) Water Walking

It might not seem like a good workout, but walking in the water is a great and easy exercise for those with RA symptoms. It’s simple to practice water walking. Just submerge yourself to chest deep water and walk around the same way you would on land. Try walking backward and sideways in your therapy spa to help tone muscles and build coordination.

2) Aqua Cycling

Aqua cycling is another exercise that is perfect in helping relieve joint pain and other issues related to Rheumatoid arthritis. You can tread water or use a pool noodle to help keep you stay balanced. With your shoulders over your hips, move your legs like you are on a bicycle and make breaststroke movements with your arms.

3) Cross Country Ski

The cross country ski motion can also be done with or without a pool noodle. SImply move your arms and legs in opposite directions like you would if you were cross-country skiing on snow. Practice this motion for two minutes to begin and work up to four to five minutes when you are able.

4) Leg Lifts and Curls

You can practice leg lifts and curls by holding on to the side of your hot tub. Take turns lifting alternate legs straight out in front of your body and then also do this motion to the sides, and back, as well. Be careful not to lift your leg higher than your hips. Repeat at least ten times per leg in each direction.

5) Various Classes

There are many places who offer hot tub or warm water aerobics these days. Try a class at your convenience to learn proper form, meet other people, and gain aerobic benefits and strength training in the water.  

Easing Rheumatoid Arthritis with Hot Tub Exercises

There is no denying that performing hot tub exercises can help you gain flexibility, increase range of motion, and decreasing inflammatory response. By practicing the above exercises, you can help lower rheumatoid arthritis pain, as well as alleviate stress.

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