When making renovations to your home and outdoor space, it is important to consider how they will affect your home’s value. Sometimes, we think certain upgrades will add value when in reality they add little if any to your home price. Make sure to choose projects that will give your house more worth, and don’t waste time and efforts on those that make little difference. And, when it comes to your pool, the same applies. You don’t always need a whole pool remodel to boost home value, so make sure to choose the right options before you begin. With the right upgrades, your backyard #pool can get a completely new look without a major renovation. Click To Tweet

Renovate Your Pool Area

A pool renovation is a great idea–especially if your pool and yard have been neglected. But, make sure you are choosing the right renovations to boost home value, so you aren’t wasting money. Here are five renovations that will boost your home’s worth.

1) Turn on the Lights

Adding lights to your pool and in your landscaping will instantly add value to your home. Exchange the floodlight in your pool for a LED lamp. Not only is it more energy efficient, but LED lights come in all sorts of colors and options. By a quick change of the color, you can transform your pool into a gorgeous backyard oasis. Landscaping lights also add ambiance and can be placed throughout your foliage, or even hung from pergolas and patios.

2) Spark a Fire

Many people enjoy swimming in the evenings and adding a fire pit near your pool will help boost home values. In fact, according to a poll by the American Society of Landscape Architects, 97% of homeowners ranked fire pits and fireplaces number one on their list of backyard amenities they desired. After a nice swim, everyone can relax around the fire and chat, enjoying each other’s time.

3) Landscaping Around Your Pool

If your pool is set in a boring and bland backyard, your chance of selling your home goes down. Add some landscaping around your pool, like privacy bushes, flowers, or plants in decorative planters. Flowers add a burst of color, and the landscaping also allows you to add in those landscaping lights that will also boost your home value.

4) Water Features

Adding in a water feature is also a good idea if you are trying to raise the value of your home, and they are fairly easy to have added into your existing pool. Breathe some life into your pool with a fountain, waterfall, bubblers, or scuppers.

5) A Hot Tub Addition

Another fantastic way to add value is to have a hot tub added on to your pool area. A spa can easily be connected and set up with pools of all shapes and sizes. A hot tub will add value and offer your family and friends another alternative to the swimming pool. A hot tub is worth the investment because it can be used year-round and provide therapy for those who need it. There are many types of spas and hot tubs available on the market, from swim spas, therapy spas, and even plug-n-play hot tubs.

Boost Home Value These Pool Renovations

While some extremely outdated pools might want to consider fresh pool plaster or tile coping, these aren’t always necessary. Give your renovation some careful consideration and try these above recommendations first. You will be surprised how much adding a water feature, lights, landscaping, and a hot tub can add to your house’s worth.

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