Regular hot tub usage is no substitute for medicine or a doctor-supervised treatment plan. However, health professionals and patients alike recognize the potential benefits that a hot tub has to offer for a variety of different health issues. In conjunction with medical treatment, regularly soaking in a therapy spa could contribute to boosting your overall health.

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Boost Your Health with a Spa

Your hot tub is good for more than just relaxing! Regularly using your spa has been shown to boost your mental and physical health in multiple ways. Let’s take a look at just a few:

  1. Improve your circulation
  2. Boost your mental health
  3. Enhance your sleep cycle
  4. Help you lose weight
  5. Keep tabs on your diabetes

5 Remarkable Things a Spa Can Do for Your Health, Spas Unlimited, Houston

1) Improve Your Circulation

As you spend time immersed in hot water, your heart rate increases and your blood vessels dilate. This improves your circulation momentarily while you relax, and if you keep this new habit up continually, you’ll notice an improvement in your heart health and circulation. Use your relaxing time to focus on improving your health!

2) Boost Your Mental Health

Regardless of your history with mental health, self-care should be an important part of your routine. Taking time to focus on yourself is known to improve your mood in the short term and boost your overall mental health in the long term. And while everyone’s preferences for self-care will be different, soaking in a hot tub certainly won’t hurt! Most people find the warmth and buoyancy of a spa to be a relaxing, comforting experience. Try taking a daily dip in your hot tub as part of your self-care routine.

Pro Tip: Your time in your spa should be all about self-care and boosting your mood. Munch on some chocolate or play relaxing music while you rest–take care of yourself!

3) Enhance Your Sleep Cycle

Every night, your body temperature lowers every so slightly. This encourages your bodily systems to slow down for the night and encourage you to go to bed. If you struggle with insomnia or poor quality of sleep, enhancing that temperature change could contribute to a solution. One excellent way to trigger this is by using your hot tub shortly before bedtime. While you’re immersed in the hot water, your body temperature will naturally increase. But the second you get out, the sudden drop in temperature combined with the natural nighttime decrease will prompt your bedtime instincts even more. This should contribute to a more peaceful night and a more balanced sleep cycle.

4) Help You Lose Weight

In 2017, a study showed that an hour-long soak in a hot tub could burn up to 130 calories, roughly equivalent to the calories burned by a 30-minute walk. These numbers are nothing to sneeze at. And if you prefer to do something besides sitting idly in your hot tub for an hour, try a swim spa instead for an at-home swim workout! Exercising in hot water will only help your heart rate increase more and allow you to burn more calories.

5) Keep Tabs on Your Diabetes

A New England study indicates that regularly using a hot tub can contribute to lower levels of blood sugar, which is a crucial focus for diabetics. While your therapy spa can’t cure diabetes and it’s still up to you to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine, regularly using your spa will certainly contribute to lower blood glucose levels. Pair a doctor-recommended care routine with hot tub usage for a healthy approach to your diabetes.

At-Home Spa Therapy

If you’re struggling to manage a chronic health condition or even a simple discomfort, talk to your doctor about incorporating hydrotherapy and/or regular hot tub treatments into your day. You may just be surprised at how helpful and simple even a simple hot tub soak can be!

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