When it comes to fitness, few types of exercise equipment can come close to matching a swim spa. By running or swimming against a constantly running current in hot water, you can get all the benefits of walking on a treadmill in significantly more comfort as the buoyancy and heat of the water take the weight off your joints. Keep reading to see how best to use your new swim spa!

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Water Aerobics in Your Spa

Water exercises are an excellent way to get in shape with minimal risk of injury. On top of that, swimming is just fun! And the more you enjoy your exercise routine, the more likely you are to stick with it long-term. Try these exercises out next time you jump in your swim spa:

  1. Jogging or swimming in place
  2. Bicycle
  3. Core exercises
  4. Fly-backs
  5. Bicep curls

1) Jogging or Swimming in Place

This very basic exercise is the easiest to perform in a swim spa. Simply turn the current to a high-resistance setting and run or swim against it. Like a treadmill, this forces you to exert effort simply to stay in one place. Try this exercise if you’re just getting started using your swim spa to work out.

Pro Tip: Several simple aerobics exercises can be easily adapted for your swim spa. What will you try?

2) Bicycle

Lean against the wall or corner of your spa and support yourself with your arms parallel to the ground. Bring your legs up just under the surface of the water and pedal as though you were on a bike. For added resistance, keep the current on as you do this.

3) Core Exercises

Similar to the bicycle position, brace yourself against the wall and extend your legs out straight with your feet touching. Draw your knees in toward your chest as far as they can go and repeat for several sets.

For an alternative core workout, stand in the center of your spa and squat your legs at about shoulder width. Hold a set of water dumbbells just in front of your stomach and under the water. Twist your torso all the way left and right for several sets.

4) Fly-Backs

Bend your right knee and put your left leg behind you while holding your arms straight out at chest height with your palms together. Keeping your arms straight, move them to the sides of your body and bring them back together. Switch legs between each set.

5) Bicep Curls

Hold a water dumbbell in each hand and curl your forearm to bring the weight to your shoulder. You can also press the water dumbbells down into the water for a tricep workout. Whichever you choose, complete two to three sets of at least 10 reps each.

Enjoy Your New Workout Routine!

Your swim spa is designed to give you a comfortable, enjoyable outdoor workout environment without worrying about injury or discomfort. Exercising in the water also lets you get creative with how you choose to burn calories. Experiment until you find your new favorite workouts and enjoy your new spa!

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