Losing weight and staying in shape can be challenging for many. Luckily, a swim spa can help you get a jump start on your weight loss and healthy lifestyle. You may think that swimming is the only thing to do in a swim spa, but there are numerous other ways to exercise, making a swim spa the ultimate fitness training tool. Ready to lose weight and be in the best shape of your life? Here are 5 ways a swim spa can help you hit your health and fitness goals. Click To Tweet

How Can A Swim Spa Help You Stay Healthy and Fit?

A swim spa is the perfect low-impact solution to losing weight, recovering from injuries, and staying fit. Here are five great ways your swim spa can help you stay healthy and in top shape.

  1. Resistance Training
  2. Water Running
  3. Swimming
  4. Core Strengthening
  5. Relaxation & Stress Relief

1) Resistance Training

Swim spas with a powerful current can give you the same results as working out with weights–a lower current equals less weight or crank up the speed for intense resistance. There are many exercises that can be performed in a swim spa, including tricep dips, push-ups, lunges, squats, and torso twists.

2) Water Running

Running in the water lets you fire up the same muscles you would use on land, but the weightlessness of the water eliminates pressure and strain on the joints.

ProTip: Running in place against the swim current is a wonderful way to warm up, strengthen, and get your heart rate up, making it an ideal way to exercise and rehabilitate in your swim spa!

3) Swimming

One exercise that never goes out of style is swimming. Whether you are a recreational swimmer or a trained athlete, you can swim your way to peak health levels. There are so many great benefits from swimming.  It is a low impact exercise yet it builds endurance, muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness, and can help reduce stress.

4) Core Strengthening

Amazing core exercises can be achieved by working out against the swim spa current. One way is to hold onto the side, ramp up the water power and do crunches, leg kicks, or pikes against the current. Another option is to use a kickboard for added resistance. With these exercises, you will target your core and round out your exercise and strength training regimen.

5) Relaxation & Stress Relief

Staying healthy and fit goes beyond just exercising. Keeping your stress levels down is extremely important to your overall wellbeing, and a swim spa is a perfect way to unwind and annihilate stress and tension, keeping you limber, healthy, and happy.

Boosting Health With a Swim Spa

Water workouts add a powerful dimension to any exercise plan. With these simple training techniques and the ability to decrease stress in your Katy, Texas swim spa, you’ll easily crush your fitness goals.

Ready to get fit in your own swim spa? Join the conversation to learn more exercises you can do to stay healthy or lose weight.