Your at-home swim spa could provide a more enjoyable and accessible way to exercise than a trip to the gym! Water exercises are especially helpful if your joints can’t handle high-impact exercises or weights. By taking advantage of the water’s resistance, you can work out just as effectively as a traditional method without harming your body.

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Swim Spa Workouts

Your swim spa creates a current to provide resistance to your movements, allowing you to exercise while submerged in soothing hot water. Not only will the heat help your endurance and allow you to exercise more, but the water’s buoyancy will also reduce the impact on your joints. You’ll be able to work out without making a potential problem worse. Start by trying one of these popular aquatic exercise methods:

  1. Walking
  2. Swimming
  3. Core exercises
  4. Exercise equipment
  5. Muscle relaxation

1) Walking

The water’s natural resistance and your swim spa’s current will force you to work against them to walk while submerged. However, the resistance from the water will not put weight on your joints the way a typical walking exercise would, reducing pain and helping you walk longer.

2) Swimming

You can’t go wrong with a classic swim! Take advantage of the current once again to swim in place. Just make sure your swim spa is big enough to accommodate whatever swimming moves you try.

Pro Tip: Even though a swim spa can boost your endurance, don’t push yourself too hard. Know your limits and exercise safely.

3) Core Exercises

This exercise requires a swim spa where the current spans the entire width. Start by turning the current up to the maximum for the most resistance. Brace yourself in one corner, with your hands on either side of you over the pool’s edge. From this position, you can do crunches and core exercises against the current. Just make sure to keep as much of your stomach and chest submerged during this exercise as possible.

4) Exercise Equipment

Conventional workouts often incorporate handheld weights or weights strapped around your wrists and ankles for extra resistance. Similar equipment exists for water aerobics, but with the opposite idea. Instead of weights, water-safe equipment uses flotation to provide resistance or help you stand upright.

5) Muscle Relaxation

Once you’re done exercising, you might be tempted to relax your sore muscles in a hot tub. If you’re working out in a swim spa, all you have to do is turn the current off! Do a few stretches and let the hot water soothe your muscles after a vigorous workout session.

Take Advantage of Your Swim Spa

Unlike most hot tub models, your swim spa is designed to facilitate movement and exercise. Using a spa to work out not only reduces your risk of injury or pain, but it also lets you work out while submerged in hot water that relaxes your sore body. Give it a try today. You might be surprised by your endurance!

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