What could make your time in a hot tub even better? How about some custom accessories to provide you with comfort or convenience? Make your own little paradise with these few add-ons to your hot tub.

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Enhancing Your Hot Tub

A hot tub already provides a relaxing, therapeutic experience. A few convenient accessories can just improve things even more! Prioritize your comfort and style with these essential hot tub accessories:

  1. Cover and lifter
  2. Spa caddy
  3. Underwater lighting
  4. Spa cushions
  5. Umbrella
  6. Massage chairs

1) Cover and Lifter

The last things you need in your hot tub are leaves and debris. A hot tub cover and automatic lifter will keep your spa safe from debris and evaporation when you aren’t using it. Most importantly, a cover also ensures no one will fall into your spa by accident. While most accessories on this list help with style and comfort, a spa cover can help with safety.

2) Spa Caddy

A spa caddy for drinks and snacks can come in two styles: floating or side-mounted. Either model keeps your favorite treats close by while you relax in your spa. Alternatively, keep a table just outside the hot tub to store snacks too heavy for a floating caddy. Make your hot tub experience tasty and colorful!

3) Underwater Lighting

Many hot tub models come already equipped with underwater LED lights for a soothing chromatherapy experience. See if that model you’ve been eyeing has it! Chances are, this accessory is already covered for you.

4) Spa Cushions

As relaxing as hot water therapy can be, leaning against a hard plastic or enamel wall could get uncomfortable. That’s where a spa pillow or cushion could help you out. These fully waterproof cushions attach to your hot tub with suction cups and give you a soft surface to lean on while you soak.

Pro Tip: If you’re using your hot tub to help with sore muscles or an injury, a spa cushion could guard you against further pain and encourage you to stay in your hot tub longer. Keep enjoying the benefits of hot water therapy!

5) Umbrella

Let’s face it: in Houston, sunscreen isn’t always enough. An umbrella shading your hot tub protects you from the worst of the sun’s heat and light while you soak. Not only will an umbrella help keep you cool and comfortable, but it will also protect you from getting nasty sunburns. Stay safe in your spa!

6) Massage Chairs

What’s the best way to follow up a long soak in the hot tub? A deep massage from your own massage chair! Choose from a wide selection of models with such features as Bluetooth connections, foot rollers, heated cushions, and more. Continue your muscle therapy even after you finish in the hot tub, or if you just don’t feel like getting wet.

A Comfortable Spa Experience

If you take the time to make your hot tub or spa as comfortable as possible, you’ll only want to stay in the soothing hot water as long as you can. With all the proven health benefits of regularly soaking in a spa, the longer you stay, the better you’ll feel. Create a comfortable and health-boosting spa experience!

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