Everyone loves spending time in their hot tub. The bubbly jets and warm water can ease away a bad day or help your sore and achy muscles feel better. But, do you know all the do’s and don’ts of spending time in the hot tub? Make sure you learn what activities need to be avoided to keep your family (and yourself) safe.

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Hot Tub Safety Tips For Your Woodlands, TX Spa

Hot tubs can be great tools for relaxing or healing the body when used correctly. Here are seven activities you never should do in a hot tub.

  1. Take a Bath
  2. Rough-Housing
  3. Raise the Temperature
  4. Open Wounds
  5. Unattended Children
  6. Extreme Weather

1) Take a Bath

Hot tubs are not intended to be bathtubs, so never use it as one. Bubble bath can cause pricey damages from the detergents and will destroy your water balance.

2) Rough-Housing

Sure, it’s fun playing in the water, but horseplay can quickly get out of hand and someone could get hurt. Hot tubs have limited space and it is easy for someone to slip or even hit their head.

3) Temperature

There may be times you want your hot tub water to be warmer, but you should never raise the temperature above 104 degrees (it is suggested that between 100 and 102 degrees is ideal).

ProTip: If your hot tub water is too hot, soakers can begin to feel lightheaded, dizzy, or experience overheating.

4) Open Wounds

Anyone with an open wound or cut needs to avoid using a hot tub. The heat of the water makes it the perfect breeding ground for infections. Consult a physician to make sure it is ok before getting back in the hot tub.

5) Unattended Children

Hot tubs can be dangerous for unattended children, and they can easily drown if they become overheated. Also, make sure to use a hot tub cover when it is not in use to help prevent kids from falling in accidentally.

6) Extreme Weather

Using a spa or hot tub during a storm can be dangerous. Never get into the water when there is lightning. Wait for the storm to pass before getting back into your hot tub.

Top Hot Tub Precautions

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