Hot tubs are a great addition to your yard, providing the perfect retreat at the end of a long day, or as the center focus of a backyard party. While hot tubs provide hours of enjoyment, they can be dangerous. It is important to learn what safety precautions to take to ensure the safety and health of those using it.

Essential Safety

Make hot tub safety simple by following these nine essential rules, and ensure the safety of yourself, your family, and visitors.

1) Keep it Balanced

Clean and sanitized water is mandatory for hot tub safety. Bacteria and viruses flourish in untreated water. Water that is cloudy or musty smelling indicates an imbalance. Make sure to use recommended products to test and maintain your hot tub water.

2) Perfect Temperature

Although many hot tubs are manufactured to hold 104° temperatures, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has determined that 100°-102° is ideal for healthy adults. Dizziness and nausea are signs the water is too hot, or you have been soaking too long.

3) Wiring and Safety

The National Electric Code requires hard-wired, 240V hot tubs to be installed with a manual disconnect device at least five feet away and within sight of the spa. Make sure to get your hot tub properly wired and protected by a GFCI.

4) Medical Concerns

People suffering heart disease, diabetes, or taking certain prescriptions can have adverse reactions from the hot water. Pregnant women should use caution when using a hot tub to avoid complications. Make sure to check with your doctor before using a hot tub.

5) Always Supervise

Kids love hot tubs, but it is imperative to supervise and restrict their time in hot tubs. Never leave children unsupervised in a hot tub.

6) Soak Time

Although soaking for hours might sound great after a long day, limit yourself to 15 minutes at a time. Soaking at high temperatures for extended periods can cause health issues with heart and joint health. For children five and under, restrict their soaking time to 5-10 minutes,

7) Electrical Devices

Keep all corded electrical devices away from your hot tub. Radios and devices with cords can cause electrocution and possible death if they accidentally fall into the hot tub. Choose battery-operated devices instead.

8) Hot Tub Covers

Hot tub covers do more than insulate, they help keep children and pets safe, too. Get a locking cover that fits snugly to keep it well secured. A good cover will keep kids safe, save energy and keep debris out of the spa.

Keep Your Hot Tub Safe

Hot tub safety involves proper installation, keeping your water balanced and sanitized, and practicing good habits for optimal health and hygiene. By following these essential hot tub safety tips, you can create a safe and healthy hot tub environment for you, your family, and friends in your backyard.

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