Anyone who owns a rental property knows the importance of keeping it maintained and appealing. Tenants want to move into a nice, comfortable place with all the comforts and cleanliness of home. The nicer and newer everything is, the more likely you are to find interested renters easily.

Plenty of landlords do the bare minimum for their properties and just make them livable. Why not go the extra mile to truly create an appealing place for tenants to live? Increase your rental property value through a few crucial additions or modifications that will appeal to plenty of potential tenants.

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Install a Security System

Even a basic security system is sure to appeal to renters. Moving into a new place comes with a little uncertainty about your environment. Why not put your tenants’ worries to rest with a door alarm or simple camera setup? It’s an excellent way to show that you care about their safety.

Add a Hot Tub

Anyone can run a bathtub full of hot water for a quick soak. But a hot tub or spa in the backyard adds a touch of luxury that few other rental homes can compete with. Let your renters live in style in their gorgeous new home!

Pro Tip: Adding a spa to your rental home allows you to increase the rent to compensate for the value. Renters who care about custom features like the hot tub will happily pay extra!

Get Some Appealing Plants

Finally, add a few plants to your property’s yard. Whether you put them in the front yard for an elegant first impression or arrange them around the hot tub out back, a few colorful flowers and leafy plants will catch a potential renter’s eye and increase interest in what you have to offer. For a unique atmosphere, try planting some cacti or succulents to survive the harsh Houston weather. Tenants are sure to notice your interesting taste in decor!

Raise Interest in Your Rental Property

Increase your rental property’s value and attract more interested tenants with these simple upgrades. Renters will love the attention you put into your property, and they’ll definitely love the chance to take advantage of these state-of-the-art features. Upgrade your property and start reaping the benefits today!

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