Whether you are a professional or “weekend” athlete, a hot tub can be vital in helping relax and repair sore muscles, as well as start the healing process for injuries. From football players to long-distance runners, staying physically fit is a must for every athlete. A part of staying fit includes getting adequate periods of rest and recovery, making a hot tub the perfect tool for any athlete. Are you tired of being sore the day after your training? Here are 4 reasons why you need to incorporate hot tub use after a workout. Click To Tweet

As an athlete, hydrotherapy can benefit you in many ways. Regular hot tub use during training can help reduce injury risk, decrease soreness, and help relax your mind and body. Here are four reasons athletes use hot tubs after training.

Reduce Injury Risk

Soaking in a hot tub before you work out can help loosen up your muscles, making it easier for you to exercise, as well as reduce your chances of suffering an injury. When muscles are loose and ready your agility and speed can increase.

Reduce Soreness & Increase Circulation

Muscle soreness and stiffness are two very common complaints by athletes. Many athletes experience soreness and stiffness the day after they exercise, but warm water therapy helps your blood vessels dilate, or expand.

ProTip: Soaking in a hot tub after training increases blood flow to the muscles and skin, helping prevent soreness and stiffness.  

Treat Injuries & Ailments

Soaking in a therapeutic spa can also help ease the pain of an existing injury. A group of researchers from France examined the effects of consistent hot tub therapy on pain and subjects noticed a significant reduction in pain, as well as an improvement in flexibility. They were also able to reduce their reliance on anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers.

Mental Relaxation

Physical stress is not the only thing athletes must contend with. Being nervous and anxious before an event or feeling mentally exhausted afterward is not uncommon; a spa session can help induce a meditative state that is needed for optimal performance.  

Hot Tub Benefits Before and After Exercising

You can improve your athletic performance by using your hot tub both before and after you exercise. Soaking in a hot tub before exercising relaxes your body and loosens muscles, making exercise easier and reducing the risk of injury. And, hot tub use after exercise can greatly reduce or even eliminate the stiffness typically felt the next day.

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