Did you know that hydrotherapy provides a number of health benefits when used with workouts regularly? If you are an athlete, training for a marathon, or just enjoy staying fit and active, the regular use of a hot tub should be a part of your routine. When you think of a hot tub, you probably imagine yourself relaxed and surrounded in hot water. While mental relaxation is an advantage of regular hot tub soaks, the buoyancy when soaking in your spa provides relief for tired bodies. Find out more here! Click To Tweet

What are the Advantages of Hydrotherapy and Exercise?

The jets and hot water in your spa will provide heat therapy to your muscles while massaging tense, worn out joints. You should soak in your hot tub for twenty to thirty minutes a day to reap the full benefits of hydrotherapy. Here are four reasons to routinely use a hot tub with your workouts:

  1. Take the Pressure Off
  2. Reduce Soreness
  3. Benefits of Soaking Before a Workout
  4. Hydrotherapy After Exercise

1) Take the Pressure Off

When you exercise, you’re putting a lot of pressure onto your joints and muscles. Whether you are a beginner and just starting to incorporate exercise into your routine, or if you enjoy frequent intense workouts, you’re applying a considerable amount of pressure to your joints.

Pro Tip: The weightless feeling you get when soaking in hot water can be beneficial for your joints after training.  

2) Reduce Soreness

Whether you’re just starting to practice cardio or if you’re participating in vigorous training, you are building your muscles. In order to build stronger muscles, you actually have to tear them during training. When you lift heavier weight, you’re causing small tears to your muscles. Spending time in your spa between workout sessions can really help sore muscles. The hot water causes increased blood flow which is what your muscles need when rebuilding.

3) Benefits of Soaking Before a Workout

Have you used your spa before a workout? Hot tub soaks are a great way to start training. Soaking for ten to twenty minutes causes better blood flow while warming your muscles up. Just make sure you stay hydrated during exercise because hot tubs increase your body temperature.

4) Hydrotherapy After Exercise

Therapy spas are wonderful in aiding muscle recovery. However, your muscles become inflamed during workouts so it’s important to soak at the right times. Just be sure to wait 24 to 48 hours after physical activity so that your muscles have some time to heal.

Hot Tubs & Hydrotherapy

Spas are wonderful for increasing blood flow and relaxing sore muscles. Many athletes benefit from the regular use of hydrotherapy.

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