Being in Texas, we have the luxury of being able to spend time outside year round (for the most part). Because of this, it is important that you have the right outdoor furniture to hold up in cooler and sometimes wet climates. What type of outdoor furniture is best for the wintertime? Here are 4 great ideas for outdoor furniture that can withstand winter weather. Click To Tweet

What is the Best Outdoor Furniture for the Winter?

When it comes to buying outdoor furniture for the wintertime, it is important to buy things that won’t be affected by rain and cold weather. Weatherproof seating, aluminum tables, fire tables, and hot tubs are some of your best choices for winter-worthy outdoor furniture.

  1. Weatherproof Seating
  2. Aluminum Tables
  3. Fire Tables
  4. Hot Tubs

1) Weatherproof Seating

When it comes to choosing outdoor furniture during the winter, it is important to choose hardy, weatherproof materials to hold up over time. Chooses fabrics that are treated and U.V. resistant, mold resistant, and water resistant. Durable weatherproof fabrics are your best choice, especially when you keep them safe under a patio or large umbrella.

2) Aluminum Tables

Winter hardy materials need to be taken into consideration when purchasing tables and other outdoor furniture. One of the best options for the winter time is weather-resistant, coated aluminum. There are so many neat design options available that fit perfect with weatherproof cushions and pillows.

3) Fire Tables

There is nothing more perfect for winter than an outside fire! One of the best ideas for outdoor furniture is to invest in a fire table. Everyone can pull up your chairs and gather around the fire to share stories and make memories. Choose from gas or fire burning options, depending on your needs.

ProTip: When choosing outdoor furniture for winter, a fire table is one of the best options to consider!

4) Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are perfect for use any time of the year in Katy, Texas, but nothing is better than soaking in a warm and bubbly hot tub in the winter time! No matter how cold it gets, you can always heat up and ease those muscles in the hot water jets.

Top Outdoor Furniture Choices for Winter Time

With the right outdoor furniture, you can enjoy spending time in your backyard all year round. When you make the right choices of weatherproof materials and furniture selections, you can enjoy soaking in your hot tub or relaxing near a fire no matter how chilly it gets.

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