If you are considering purchasing a spa, you might be wondering if an inground or above ground spa is the better choice. There are a number of differences between the two, and above-ground hot tubs offer unbeatable flexibility.  Still, there are a few benefits to an inground spa that are worth taking a closer look at.

Advantages of an Inground Spa

While there are some advantages of an above ground spa, some people feel they look bulky and don’t add aesthetic appeal to your backyard. An in-ground spa does more than add to aesthetics, however. Here are four additional reasons why you may want to choose an inground spa when shopping for hot tubs.

1) Unlimited Design Options

Your spa can be built into your property and exactly where you want it to be. This gives you a lot more potential in planning your outdoor living space because the shape and amenities are up to you. With an inground spa, you have unlimited design options. Click To Tweet

2) Integrating Water Features

When you place your inground spa near your existing swimming pool, it allows you to integrate water features and make your spa and area a gorgeous focal point of your yard. Adding waterfalls or other water features can add appeal and value to your home.

3) Landscaping Options

Your landscaping options with an inground pool are limitless. You can effortlessly blend your inground spa into your existing landscape design and theme.

4) Variety of Materials

Many above ground spas are not as attractive as an inground spa because they typically come in either acrylic or thermoplastic. With an inground spa, you have multiple material options, such as concrete, tile, vinyl, acrylic, stone, and stainless.

Inground Spa Benefits

There are many different options to consider when purchasing a spa. Whether you decide on a swim spa or therapy spa, an inground spa might be the best option for you. 

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