Hot tubs are a great addition to any backyard. They are small enough to fit in most spaces yet unique enough to be a show-stopping feature that you will use on a regular basis. Planning ahead can help you create the exact look that you want for your outdoor living space long before your hot tub is even added to the yard. Below are some ideas to help you get started building your dream backyard, where your hot tub will be the main focus. 

Hot Tub Placement

Placement is perhaps the most important factor to consider in your backyard planning process. Keep in mind that you will have to run water and electricity to your hot tub, so while centering it in the yard may look nice, it might not be particularly practical for your situation. Depending on your location, there are specific regulations about how you can wire your hot tub and how far away it should be from power lines and other electrical wiring that runs overhead, too. 

Placement should also be a consideration for additional reasons, as you’ll want to be able to incorporate all of the other aspects of your perfect outdoor living space, such as:

  • Pergola or awnings
  • Fire pits 
  • Decks
  • Outside kitchens
  • Patios, pavers, and walkways

Do you want enough room to have a deck around the hot tub? How about designated places to set your drinks and food? Is the location you’re considering structurally sound enough to support a hot tub? 

The backyard living experts at Spas Unlimited will work closely with you during your in-store consultation to determine where the hot tub will work best in your backyard. 

Incorporating the Four Elements

Professional backyard designers will tell you that your backyard oasis should incorporate the four elements — Earth, Fire, Wind and Water — for a balanced and enjoyable space.

While your hot tub serves as the main water feature, it’s great to add additional focal points that will bring your whole look together. Incorporating greenery around the hot tub, think shrubs or potted plants, adds an earthy atmosphere. Putting in a fire pit near the spa or a few tiki lamps around the patio will add a tranquil vibe for when the sun goes down, emitting soft light perfect for a nighttime soak. 

Privacy Screening

While privacy is not a concern for every property, it is something to consider when you have a hot tub. Having a privacy fence will provide separation between you and your neighbors, and it will encourage people nearby to keep their eyes out of your yard. While fencing is perhaps the most common form of privacy used, there are a wide variety of other creative options, as well. This is where landscaping can play a pivotal role.

Incorporating shrubs and other greenery can be a great way to have both privacy and get a more natural aesthetic you’d like for your yard. Even if you don’t have much green space, larger potted plants can act as a good way to keep things more private. Lattice is another great option where in addition to green vines you could add a stylish fabric or mesh panel to help keep shade.  

Design Your Dream Backyard

While the idea of having your hot tub in the direct center of your backyard may be appealing, it might not be the best use of space. Some advance planning with our hot tub specialists paired with knowing how your yard will function from a practical perspective will help you enjoy your backyard oasis so much more.

The experienced and professional hot tub retailers at Spas Unlimited will be able to help you pick out the best hot tub model for your yard. Give us a call today to schedule your in-store consultation.