Everyone loves spending time in their hot tub, but sometimes your water needs special attention. Most the time, your filtration system and spa chemicals help keep your water balanced and clean, but there are occasions that your chemical balance gets thrown off and you need to take further steps to get your clean hot tub water back. If you have issues with your hot tub water, follow these 5 tips to help you combat the most common problems. Click To Tweet

Common Water Issues Facing Your Katy, Texas Spa

From time to time, hot tub owners might run into a hot tub water problem. Don’t worry! It can be fixed and balanced again! Here are five common hot tub water issues and how to stop them from happening to you:

  1. Cloudy Water
  2. Not Heating
  3. Discolored Water
  4. Water is Foaming
  5. Eye and Skin Irritation

1) Cloudy Water

Cloudy water indicates there is not enough sanitizer or the pH is out of balance. Test the water and make necessary adjustments, like adding a clarifying agent, replacing a worn out filter, or changing the water.

2) Not Heating

If your hot tub water is not heating, you might have dirty filters. If your filters are clogged or too dirty, the heater will shut off to prevent further damage. Remove your hot tub filters, then clean or replace them.

3) Discolored Water

Discolored water that is brown, green, or black signifies that there is excessive mineral content in your hot tub, or it has too low of a pH. If you have any settled materials at the bottom of your hot tub, vacuum it and then use a clarifier to adjust the water levels.

4) Water is Foaming

Foamy hot tub water happens when there are high contaminants or soap residues in your spa, the water is out of balance, or there is a buildup in your plumbing system. 

ProTip: If your hot tub water is foamy and milky white, test your pH levels and use a defoamer to help flush the system of scummy foam.

5) Eye and Skin Irritation

If you or your loved one experience skin or eye irritation when you get in your hot tub, it is indicative of incorrect sanitizer levels excessive chlorine levels, or even Pseudomonas bacteria. Test your spa levels and adjust the sanitizer levels. You might want to consider emptying and refilling your hot tub.

Combat Spa Problems

If you are experiencing hot tub water problems, don’t panic! By following the above tips, you can help clear up your water and keep it from experiencing future problems.

Contact us to learn more ways to combat common hot tub water issues.