There’s no better feeling than coming home after a long day and unwinding in a backyard spa. Getting to spend time alone or with loved ones can serve as an instant mood enhancer. But no matter how relaxing the hot tub jets, or comfortable the outdoor seating, if there’s no privacy, you won’t enjoy yourself. With homes being built closer and closer together, you can start to feel like you’re living in a fishbowl. In cases like this, a little privacy can go a long way. Click To Tweet

How to Add Privacy to Your Patio

Whether you have a traditional soaking hot tub or a larger swim spa, privacy can greatly impact your experience. In order to create privacy, you can add one or more of the following elements:

Privacy Screens

One of the biggest benefits of a privacy screen is that it’s less permanent than a fence, so it can be moved around the yard for greater versatility. They’re great for adding privacy to a small area without the expense of having to fence in the entire backyard. They are available to buy in just about every material, color, and style.


Use outdoor-friendly fabrics to create a perfect curtained nook. Hung from curtain rods or wire, they’re a quick and easy way to create a spa feel in your own backyard. These can be added to a pergola or gazebo for extra privacy and visual interest. This is a great alternative to a permanent privacy wall and is aesthetically softer.

Trees or Shrubs

Instead of clearing the ground when you add a patio or deck, take advantage of what’s already there. A tree isn’t just a great element of the yard but can create a soft, natural canopy. Lush shrubs around the edge of the deck also help it feel more secluded. A few small trees dotted around the edge of your deck won’t take up too much space in the yard but will add drama and interest by selecting different types of trees.

A Fence

A privacy fence is one of the most common ways to block an unwanted view. A simple fence provides a perfect, secluded space in which to unwind after a long day. With so many designs to choose from, including wood and iron, your fence doesn’t have to look imposing.


A pergola is an outdoor structure of a roofing grid of beams and rafters supported by columns. The roof may be left open or covered to create protection from the elements. Pergolas may be freestanding or attached to a house, and can be enhanced with climbing vines or curtains.

Creating a Relaxing Environment

No matter how much space you have, your backyard can be turned into an amazing outdoor oasis. Creating a relaxing retreat where you can unwind is an essential element to any outdoor living space. The health benefits of time spent in your hot tub are proven, but a lack of privacy can dissuade you from spending time in yours. 

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