The advertisements for hot tub trade shows, expos, or blowouts are everywhere from your email inbox to television commercials. They loudly claim to have unbeatable deals, top brands, and the widest hot tub selection in Houston. Be wary, because they forgot to mention a few key details. These temporary expos might seem appealing but aren’t necessarily providing the best bang for your buck. Instead, you’ll find uncomfortable, pressuring sales pitches with no warranty or local service after your purchase.

You’ll feel like your dollar was well spent when you shop locally for a few reasons. You’ll be supporting a small business which is in turn supporting your local economy. You’ll also get the highest quality products, exceptional service, and continuous customer support. Have you seen the advertisements for hot tub trade shows or expos? Be aware that they’re not as great as they seem! Click To Tweet

Customers are Treated like Family

When you shop locally, the salespeople will treat you like family, after all, their families live in the same community as you. Your money is supporting their family and business and they treat you as such. There’s a reason local hot tub dealers sell their products through their strong network and word-of-mouth. They will always do more than expected to ensure a happy experience and maintain these valuable relationships.

Higher Quality Spas

You will find the best quality at local spa dealerships while hot tub trade shows make unrealistic claims to have the “best spas”. There’s a reason they’re very vague on the details of this. They don’t care if your hot tub falls apart after you buy it, because once they pack up their inventory, they’re out of here!

You know you’ll find the highest quality hot tubs at your local spa dealership, because they have a reputation to maintain in their community.

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Service After Purchase & Beyond

After you’ve spent your hard earned money on a new hot tub, no one will provide any additional help when you need to perform maintenance or clean and drain your hot tub. Spa expos forget about you after your purchase. Your neighborhood spa dealer will provide high-quality support for your hot tub for years to come.

Unbeatable Prices

The pretty flyers and email announcing hot tub expos look great and draw a lot of people in. Since so many people come flocking to these trade shows, they inflate the prices. They don’t have a reputation to maintain so they have no problem ripping people off. Thankfully, local spa dealerships are committed to providing only the best prices and service.

Get to Know your Hot Tub Provider

Your Houston spa dealer lives in your community so it’s likely that you are connected in some way – you may share mutual friends or your kids could go to school together. You can get a sense of who they are when you step inside their showroom. You can rest assured in knowing that you’re buying from a friend.

Be Aware of Hot Tub Trade Shows

You might think you’ll get the lowest prices for the best spas, but you may want to reconsider. Shopping local will ensure that you’re taken care of for years after your purchase. Join the conversation to talk with our hot tub experts about any questions or concerns you may have regarding spa trade shows.