As temperatures drop and the days get shorter, few things sound more relaxing than soaking in a hot tub. What better way to stay warm? Especially if your spa is outdoors, the contrast between steaming water and chilly air is immensely satisfying.

Even the mild temperatures of Houston winters prompt us to crave a warm soak in the spa. But those temperatures bring their own set of challenges for your hot tub and for you as you use it. How can you safely enjoy your hot tub in the winter months? Let’s take a look at a few steps you can take for safety and practicality.

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Enjoying Your Hot Tub in the Winter, Spas Unlimited, Tomball, TX

Winter Hot Tub Maintenance

With some exceptions, Houstonians don’t usually have to worry about freezing weather, even in the middle of winter. But even without ice, cold temperatures can still take a toll on your hot tub. The heater will consume more electricity as it struggles to keep the water hot, and if the water level falls too low on a particularly cold night, you could find yourself with frozen pipes in the morning.

Your hot tub likely already has a cover to keep debris out all year round. Double-check that the cover is durable enough to withstand potentially freezing temperatures and keep your hot tub hot during the winter. Additionally, don’t wait till the middle of winter to attempt maintenance work like replacing or shocking the hot tub water! Not only will these tasks be more difficult in cold weather, but you could end up splashing the cold water on yourself and making an unpleasant situation even worse.

Don’t Overdo It

Plenty of people enjoy hot baths on a cold winter’s night. Taking it to the next level with a hot tub soak sounds heavenly. However, be careful when you decide to try out your hot tub in particularly chilly weather. It’s possible to expose yourself to severe temperature shock when you leave the hot water for the frigid outside air, and the longer you stay in your hot tub, the more significant the contrast will be. Don’t stay in your outdoor spa longer than about half an hour, and keep a towel or bathrobe nearby so you can immediately protect yourself once you get out. Your comfort and safety should always take priority.

Pro Tip: The temperature shock of getting out of your hot tub in the winter will catch you off guard. Wrap up quickly and stay warm!

Watch the Weather

Surprising no one, Houston weather can change on a dime, especially during the autumn and winter months. Preparing your hot tub to withstand mildly cold temperatures might not be enough if a sudden cold front causes the water in your pipes to freeze overnight. Keep an eye on the weather and adjust your spa accordingly. Don’t get caught unawares, and don’t let the fluctuating temperatures ruin your fun in the spa.

Stay Warm!

This winter season, use your hot tub to stay warm and enjoy a break from the lower temperatures. Your body will thank you! And if you take the time to perform the correct seasonal maintenance on your spa, your energy bills will thank you too. With a little extra care, you can safely enjoy your hot tub in the winter.

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