When you think of a hot tub, you probably think of entertainment. After all, hot tubs do provide endless entertainment in your backyard. From hot tub parties to relaxing evenings with your partner, spas are a lot of fun. But, did you know that therapy spas are designed to provide you with health benefits?

Health Benefits of a Hot Tub at your Houston Home

Whether your an athlete, worked out too hard, or your job has you stressed to the max and sleeping less, therapy spas can prove to be quite beneficial. You probably know that warm water reduces stress while increasing blood flow. Did you know that therapy spas provide many advantages for your overall well being? Here are 5 health benefits of soaking in a therapy spa. Click To Tweet

  1. Relief from Back Pain
  2. Better Range of Motion
  3. Stress Relief
  4. Improve Chronic Insomnia
  5. Relax Sore Muscles

1) Relief from Back Pain

Did you know that back pain is the leading cause of disability for workers in the United States? Millions of people are struggling with unbearable back pain daily. Chronic aches and pains prevent some people from doing everyday tasks like driving, working, shopping, and chores. Spa therapy provides relief for many people. According to this study, using hot tub hydrotherapy at least three times a week can significantly reduce lower back pain.

2) Better Range of Motion

When we get older, our range of motion tends to decrease. Whether this change is gradual or hit you quickly, it’s only natural. The hot water releases pressure causing muscle tension and stiffness. When you regularly soak in therapy spas, they can relax joints and muscles to improve your flexibility.

Pro Tip: Spend some time stretching after you soak in your therapy spa to gain improve flexibility.

3) Stress Relief

Are you carving at least fifteen minutes out of your schedule for yourself every day? No emails, no phone calls or text messages, no social media- Just quiet time. This is essential for your overall wellbeing. After a long, seemingly endless day; you may find it hard to destress and relax. Many people experience tension headaches because of the common high-stress American lifestyle. Therapeutic soaks in a hot tub will give you the time to quiet your thoughts and unwind.

4) Improve Sleep Problems

Are you getting the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep a night? Our moods and the amount of sleep we have are closely linked. You could have trouble concentrating, feel short-tempered, anxious, and even depressed from a lack of sleep. However, you may find some relief with the use of a hot tub. If you’re finding it hard to fall asleep every night, a nighttime soak might relax you enough to get some rest. You can close your eyes, and let the days stress wash away as you relax in your therapy spa. Although hot tubs provide relaxation, sleep disorders are a real problem in America and you should talk to your doctor if it’s difficult for you to get enough every night.

5) Relax Sore Muscles

If you’re an athlete or training for a marathon, your muscles are probably frequently sore. Hot water will get your blood circulating. This causes a slight blood pressure drop while dilating your blood vessels. Your achy muscles need this increased blood flow to recover. Furthermore, the water pressure from the spa jets will feel amazing while the buoyancy will reduce the weight of your sore muscles.

Healthy Soaking!

Therapy spas provide many health benefits. Whether you have a difficult time sleeping, are stressed out and unable to unwind, or if you’re intensely working out; hydrotherapy could benefit you.

Would you like to know more about how therapy spas can improve your overall well being? Contact your local Houston spa dealer to learn more!