Whether you have a hot tub for relaxing after a long day at work, for entertaining and hanging out with friends and family, or for therapeutic reasons, you can make your hot tub time even better when you have the right accessories to enhance your experience. Don't miss out on unreal relaxation. Make the most of your hot tub with these luxurious accessories. Click To Tweet

Top Hot Tub Accessories

You love soaking in your hot tub, but something seems to be missing. What is it you wonder? Some hot tub accessories are what you are looking for and will help create that backyard oasis you’ve been hoping for. These seven spa accessories will make your hot tub time complete.

  1. Underwater Lights
  2. Attachable Spa Caddy
  3. Hot Tub Cover
  4. Side Attached Spa Umbrella
  5. Spa Pillows & Cushions
  6. Storage Steps
  7. Towel Warmer

1) Underwater Lights

With some underwater hot tub lights, you can light up the night. There are several different lighting options with various colors to choose from, as well as light pattern designs. Pick a color depending on your mood and dazzle your guests next time they’re over for a soak.

2) Attachable Spa Caddy

No one wants to get out of the warm and soothing water just to get a sip of a cool beverage. An attachable spa caddy connects to the side of your hot tub and allows you to put your drinks, glasses, or anything else you need close by and handy right where you need it–at your hot tub.

3) Hot Tub Cover

There is no accessory as important as a hot tub cover. Not only does it keep kids and pets safe from accidentally falling in, but it also helps prevent evaporation, makes your spa more energy efficient, and helps maintain chemical balance, too. In fact, skipping out on a spa cover will only end up costing you more in the end.

4) Side Attached Spa Umbrella

No one wants the sun blaring in their eyes while enjoying the therapeutic benefits of a hot tub. With a side attached spa umbrella, you not only will shield the sun but also provide privacy, too.

5) Spa Pillows & Cushions

Face it, we aren’t all the same size and sometimes shorter people might need a boost. Spa pillows and cushions are ideal spa accessories when some added height is needed to reach the jets, or if you are just looking for a little more comfort.

6) Storage Steps

Not all spas come with steps for easy entry, so if you are looking for hot tub steps, make sure to find some that do double duty! Choose some steps that also have storage built in so you can store your hot tub chemicals, towels, or whatever else you need to keep close at hand.

7) Towel Warmer

The worst part of having a hot tub is getting out of the warm water into the cold air! A simple way to combat those chills? Buy a towel warmer to keep near your hot tub so your towel will be toasty warm when you are ready to emerge from those wonderful, relaxing jets.

Must Have Hot Tub Accessories

These are just a handful of hot tub accessories available on the market these days, and with so many options, you are certain to create your own unique hot tub experience.

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