Hot tubs pack a slew of health benefits. Sitting in the warm water and feeling your anxiety melt away can greatly reduce your stress levels. Reducing stress has positive improvements in both your mental and physical health, which promotes a feeling of general well being. Hot tubs are great for your mind and body, but you have to know how to use them properly.

Hot Tub Basics Begin With Caution

Always use caution when it comes to your hot tub. Make sure the area around it has some sort of traction to protect you from falls. If you’re not feeling good, avoid soaking alone. Your hot tub can be an endless source of enjoyment but should be treated the same as any body of water. If you really want to enjoy your hot tub safely for years to come, there are a few key items to be aware of.


It can be tempting to add your favorite bubble bath to your hot tub, but resist the urge! Not only can bubble bath make a huge mess, but it can wreak havoc on your hot tub parts and accessories. Detergents and household chemicals like bubble bath were not made for a tub and thus, shouldn’t be used in one!

Skimp on a Cover

Your hot tub is an investment, so it’s important to protect that investment by extending the life of your spa with preventive maintenance. A sturdy cover will insulate your hot tub and protect the water from debris. It also offers a necessary safety barrier for pets and children.

Soak Impaired

You should not soak in your hot tub while under the influence of medication or alcohol. While you may be tempted to unwind in your hot tub with a glass of wine, make sure that one glass doesn’t turn into 2 or 3.

Leave Little Ones Unsupervised

Even with a good cover, children should not be left unsupervised around the hot tub. Not even for a minute, no matter how many swimming lessons they have. Safety professionals warn that these lessons may actually provide a false sense of security to a child’s family and not actually prepare a child for surviving a true emergency


Your hot tub isn’t a pool. If you dive in, you’ll likely end up in a world of pain! Use your hot tub the way it was intended to be used–for relaxation. The health benefits of your hot tub are well known, but while it can soothe your aching muscles, it’s not a good setting for a game of horse!

Common Sense Pool Rules

While personal hot tub basic rules aren’t exactly scientific, some just make good sense.It’s just not wise to soak a hot tub alone if you’ve been drinking, take medication or have a medical condition. It also stands to reason that if you have an open wound, rash or sore, you should not expose it to a hot tub. A little hot tub common sense will take you a long way!

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