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As nice as having your own hot tub is, it’s not a perfect device. From time to time, you’ll find yourself dealing with mechanical issues or problems with the water itself. Fortunately, dealing with hot tub water problems is one of the simpler things you’ll find yourself facing as a spa owner. Let’s take a look at how to fix a few of the most common issues your spa will likely have.

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How to Maintain Your Spa

Whether due to mechanical problems, dirty filters, chemical imbalances, or something else entirely, your hot tub water may start showing signs of a deeper issue. When this happens, the best course of action is to diagnose the deeper problem rather than trying to treat one of the symptoms on its own. What seems like a minor problem could become worse if not addressed quickly.

  1. The spa won’t heat up
  2. The water is cloudy or discolored
  3. The water is foaming
  4. The water stings your skin and eyes

1) The Spa Won’t Heat Up

The most common cause of heating problems in a spa is clogged filters. If your hot tub filters can’t clean the water, it takes a toll on every function. Clean or replace the filters and try again. If that doesn’t work, there may be another cause for the problem and you may need to call a professional.

Pro Tip: The heating element in a spa can be a somewhat dangerous piece of equipment. If you suspect it’s malfunctioning or fried, don’t try to fix it yourself–call a professional to come look at it.

2) The Water is Cloudy or Discolored

If your spa water is getting cloudy, either your chemical balance or sanitizer level is off. Test the water’s pH or add more sanitizer to get things clean again. If neither of those help, check the filter to make sure it’s still doing its job.

3) The Water is Foaming

Foaming hot tub water may sound nice, but is actually a sign of contaminants in the water. Maybe soap scum or other contaminants got into the water and the jets are forcing it to foam. Test the pH levels and add defoamer to bring the levels down. In the future, be careful to not get soap, shampoo, or other potential contaminants or foaming agents into the spa.

4) The Water Stings Your Skin and Eyes

Feeling a stinging or burning sensation in the hot tub is absolutely not normal. In most cases, this just means you added too much sanitizer or chlorine. In severe cases, this could indicate a growing colony of bacteria. At the very least, this calls for a thorough sanitizer test and balance. You may even want to drain your hot tub entirely and start over with fresh water.

Maintaining a Comfortable Hot Tub

It may seem like it goes without saying, but your spa needs regular maintenance and cleaning. Remember, you don’t drain the spa after each use as you would drain the bathtub. Body oil and potentially dirt build up in the hot tub with time, causing the water to need periodic sanitizing to keep it pleasant to use. Keep your hot tub water problems to a minimum with an established cleaning schedule.

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