The DIY craze continues to grow, but is DIY always the better option? While some things are just to complex, hot tub maintenance can be done easily and in very little time.  When it comes to maintaining your hot tub, you can usually do it yourself. Click To Tweet 

Your Guide to Hot Tub Maintenance

Your hot tub requires proper maintenance in order to stay clean, healthy, and running well all year round. Your hot tub requires regular circulation, cleaning, and chemistry to ensure it is running perfectly.  

Prevent Problems

Your hot tub should be emptied every 4 months, depending on how frequently you use it. For a hot tub used by many people, it may need more frequent cleaning. You might notice that the water has become hazy and the tub lining feels gritty. In addition to regular testing, this may signal that it’s time to empty your hot tub. Emptying and cleaning your hot tub will prevent a buildup of chemicals, but also provides you with an opportunity to check the jets and filters.

A Good Cleaning

General cleaning is important to make sure your hot tub is safe and clean for everyone who enjoys it. Regularly test your water to make sure chemicals are balanced. If your hot tub is used daily, test the pH every 3-4 days. Depending on your make and model additional testing may be necessary. Consult your owner’s manual for guidance. For surface cleaning, use a non-abrasive cleaner and a sponge or rag. To clean a dirty cover simply hose off and wipe down. The key is to maintain cleanliness so that residue and debris don’t build up.

When To Hire a Pro

Your time is valuable! If you travel frequently or just don’t have much free time, hiring a professional to maintain your hot tub will save you time and effort. You won’t need to do research to figure out what you need to do. It saves you a trip to the supply store, and also time working on the hot tub itself.

Hiring a Pro for Your Hot Tub Maintenance

Whether you do it yourself or have a professional come, your hot tub needs proper maintenance. Save time and effort and have your hot tub maintained the correct way to ensure it’s always working and ready for you to relax in.

Contact us to learn more about hot tub maintenance and whether you should hire a professional or attempt to DIY.