Any hot tub owner knows that their therapy spas require regular cleaning, occasional repairs, and general attention to keep them pleasant and usable. While most maintenance tasks are pretty simple and easy to take care of yourself, this isn’t always the case. How can you decide which option is better for your circumstances?

Hot tub maintenance, while time-consuming, is generally not difficult to do on your own. However, some homeowners may not have the time or desire to take care of their hot tubs entirely by themselves. Let’s take a look at when DIY hot tub maintenance is a good option and when it might not be.

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When DIY is Fine

General cleaning and maintenance, such as replacing your hot tub water and balancing the pH with special chemicals, are easy enough tasks to handle on your own. You’re probably doing a lot of basic maintenance already as you take care of your spa. After all, no one wants to use a hot tub full of dirty water or with faulty jets!

When a Professional Can Help

Not every homeowner can commit to the time or work of keeping their spa clean on their own. If you travel a lot or don’t have a comfortable knowledge of balancing chemicals and pH, you may prefer to hire someone to help keep your hot tub clean and working properly. A small monetary investment in professional cleaning is more than worth the peace of mind it will bring you.

When You Should Absolutely Hire Someone Else

Cleaning your hot tub and replacing the water is drastically different from inspecting or repairing broken electrical mechanisms. This potentially dangerous task is best handled by a professional who knows exactly what they’re doing to prevent the risk of further damage or injury. If you notice your hot tub pumps are no longer working, don’t try to fix them yourself. Find a local company to inspect and fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Pro Tip: Sometimes your spa’s heating element will burn. If you suspect this has happened, call a professional immediately and ABSOLUTELY do not touch the mechanisms. You can hurt yourself quite badly by doing this.

Effective Hot Tub Maintenance

Regardless of exactly how you choose to do it, your hot tub will require regular maintenance and cleaning. Most preventive work is easy enough if you have the time. However, if you can’t spare the time or your spa needs more involved work, give yourself a break and hire a professional to handle the job for you. The small additional investment will be more than worth it for a sparkling clean spa.

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