Who hasn’t enjoyed a long soak in a hot bath? As it turns out, the feeling of relaxation and stress relief isn’t all in our heads. Science has shown that hot tubs actually can reduce stress and improve our overall health.

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Hot tubs are no longer just for luxury. Regular hot tub usage is proven to contribute to a user’s mental and physical well-being in multiple ways. Water, jets, and heat together sooth muscle tension and promote full-body relaxation.

Water Buoyancy

When fully submerged in water, the human body weighs between 50-90% less than normal. The buoyancy provided by water takes the weight off of sore joints affected by rheumatoid arthritis, chronic joint pain, or simply a long day’s work. By relieving this pressure, floating in water allows the body to completely relax and recover from exertion.

Buoyancy also helps immensely with hot tub exercise or yoga. With less weight on your joints, your body can move more freely and continue exercising longer.

Water Jets

Similar to a massage, a quality hot tub’s water jets reach every part of your body with heat and pressure to promote increased blood flow. The massaging jets work in tandem with the water’s buoyancy to support you and ease your muscle tension.

Pro Tip: Soaking in a hot tub releases endorphins, hormones that provide pain relief and mood enhancement.

Warm Water

Of course, every hot tub requires heat. A hot tub does all the work of a hot pack on a sore spot, but applies the heat evenly all over your body and soothes every muscle. Most people will recognize that soaking in hot water not only feels good but also allows their muscles to stretch further while increasing their heart rate, promoting better blood circulation. Customizing your hot tub temperature helps your body stay relaxed at exactly the right point.

Soaking in a hot bath is also proven to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. The overall soothing experience simply relaxes you in preparation for bedtime.

Finding Your Perfect Hot Tub in Sugarland, Texas

Knowing what your body needs will help you find the best hot tub features for you. Try the ancient method of hot water therapy to stay healthy and happy. Visit a hot tub retailer to find the best option for your specific needs. Your body will thank you!

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