There is nothing more frustrating than thinking about relaxing in your steamy, bubbly hot tub all day, but, when you get home from your long day at work and switch it on, your hot tub won’t turn on. Or maybe it turns on, but the water doesn’t heat, or maybe even something else. What the heck is wrong and how can you fix it?

What’s Wrong With the Hot Tub?

There are several things that might go wrong with your hot tub, but it’s no reason to panic. Here are six common issues that occur sometimes and what you can do to fix the problem.

  1. Hot Tub Won’t Heat
  2. Temperature is Inconsistent
  3. Jets Aren’t Firing
  4. Control Panel Shows ERROR
  5. Hot Tub Pump Makes Strange Sounds
  6. Breaker Keeps Tripping

1) Hot Tub Won’t Heat

One of the most frustrating issues you can face with your hot tub is it not heating up. To figure out this dilemma, you need to check your water level. Second, if you water is filled to the right level, see if your filters are clogged. If they are, change out the filters and see if it helps. Next, check your breaker box or hit your heater reset button. If none of these suggestions help, you need to check the heating element and see if it has burnt out. If it does look burnt, you need to hire a hot tub professional to come and replace it.

2) Temperature is Inconsistent

If your water is going hot, cold, hot, cold, you could have a problem with your water flow. Check the filters, and make sure your pumps are turning on. If the pump seems fine, move on to the thermostat and heat sensors to see how they are functioning. If you go through all these steps and it is still not heating consistently, it is time to call a professional to help.

3) Jets Aren’t Firing

Sometimes you might find the hot tub water is heating, but the jets don’t work. In this instance, make sure all of your jets are wide open, check for debris buildup, and also check for plumbing line clogs. Also, did you recently refill your spa? Your jets not working could also be an indication that you have an airlock. Turn your hot tub jets on and off a couple times to see if you can get the air out.

4) Control Panels Shows ERROR

If you turn on your hot tub and you get an ERROR code, there is obviously something that needs tending to. Pull out your hot tub manual to see what these codes mean and what it recommends you to do in each instance.

5) Hot Tub Pump Makes Strange Sounds

If your hot tub pump is making strange sounds like squealing or growling, there could be an issue. If you hear a growling noise, it might mean your pump is struggling for water. Top your water off and clear out any clogs, then see if it makes a difference. If it is squealing you hear, try lubricating the bearings, or have a professional replace your circulation pump.

6) Breaker Keeps Tripping

When your breaker trips, it is indicating one of many possible issues. It could mean a worn breaker, too much moisture at the breaker box, corroded electrical components, or damaged and loose wiring. It is best to contact a hot tub pro to help you properly fix these issues.

Hot Tub Maintenance and Prevention

Things like age, use, and wear and tear do eventually take their toll on your hot tub. To help prevent hot tub issues, it is important to keep up proper hot tub maintenance. Click To Tweet If you are unable to safely perform the above suggestions, it is always a good idea to let a professional handle it.

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