Don’t keep your new hot tub all to yourself! Your friends and family are sure to want to spend time soaking too. Why not take the opportunity to throw a hot tub party for everyone this summer?

The key to planning the perfect hot tub party is providing everyone with something entertaining. As nice as your hot tub is, give your guests something else to enjoy. Food, drinks, activities, and more will help your friends enjoy themselves. Let’s look at a few ideas for the best hot tub party.

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Clean Your Hot Tub Before and After the Party

No one wants to hang out in cloudy water! Before your guests arrive, use specialized cleaning supplies to sanitize your hot tub and prepare it for a fun evening later. Make sure to clean it again after the party as well.


No party is complete without the proper ambiance. Set up lights and a snack bar to put everyone in the party mood. Additional fun accessories are sure to make your guests laugh and appreciate your efforts. What will you decorate your backyard with?

Provide Extra Swimsuits and Towels

Not every guest will remember their swimsuit or towel. Stock up on a few extras and be prepared to bail out someone who needs one! Just make sure to store everything in a dry area so no one splashes on the towels by mistake.

Provide Additional Entertainment

Your guests likely won’t spend every second of the party in your hot tub. For a more varied party, set up music, food, drinks, a movie, or little card tables with a few games. Let everyone decide what they’d like to do. That just means more room in the hot tub for you! 

Pro Tip: Some nice outdoor furniture will let your guests relax by the hot tub and enjoy a snack or a game while they wait their turn.

Planning Your Next Party

Your next spa party is sure to be a big hit if you provide an appealing environment and plenty of snacks. Ready to start working on the guest list? Who’s been wanting to try your hot tub?

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