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Just because you have a small backyard or patio doesn’t mean you can’t get plenty of use from your outdoor living space! You can seamlessly incorporate a hot tub into your small patio design and make it the go-to spot this summer! Click To Tweet

Designing a Small Patio

If you have a small or awkward shaped patio, you can create charm and character with these five great small patio design tips.

1) Space Saving Spa

Those with spacious yards might be able to fit a pool, but others cannot give up their precious space for something they might only use three or four months out of the year. Save space (and money) and let a hot tub be the focal point of your small patio. There are a variety of spas and hot tubs available these days, like popular swim spas, therapy hot tubs, or the plug and play spa.

2) Add Color

Adding some color to your small patio space will add some visual excitement and make you forget your space shortage. Adding color helps add character and the vibrant tones build personality.

3) Landscape Lighting

Like adding color, adding landscape lighting to your small patio area will help make your area seem larger. String lights are a perfect addition to hang from the walls or your patio cover. Also, place solar lights through your plants and pots to light up the special nights.

4) Furniture to Fit

If you are stuck with a small space, make sure to find furniture that fits your patio. Don’t fill your entire space with chairs and tables, but look for unique sized sets that will complement the small space you have. You can also place benches or tables against your walls to leave more space open.

5) Get Vertical

Using your walls for plants and decor is a perfect way to make your small patio space seem bigger. Pin up some trellises and let your flowering vines grow to new heights! You will create more space and breath new life into your small patio by utilizing your walls.

Hot Tubs: Perfect for Small Patios

A small patio doesn’t have to deter you from spending time outside. By adding a hot tub and then creatively planning your design with suitable furniture, a pop of color, plants, and lighting, your small patio will be your favorite place to spend time.

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