When you think about installing a hot tub, what comes to mind? Probably the construction, digging and wiring that it will require. With a plug and play hot tub, however, installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

A Matter of Convenience

A plug and play gives you the luxury and enjoyment of a standard hot tub, with none of the commitment. Traditional hot tubs are a great option for those seeking a permanent investment. A plug and play hot tub is a good option for anyone who wants the benefits of a hot tub without the hassle or expense.

Home Spa Experience

Having a home spa is the pinnacle of luxury. It’s your place to unwind and let the jets dissolve the stress of the day. Hot tubs not only provide an excellent way to relax with your friends and family, but they’re also beneficial to your health. Hot tubs are gentle on joints and can provide relief from tension headaches.

No New Wiring

Many plug and play hot tubs don’t require new electrical circuits. Some homes can’t support an additional electrical circuit for a standard hot tub without replacing the main breaker and circuit board. This can cost you hundreds, and may not be possible if you’re renting.

More Versatile

If you don’t have a lot of space, the versatility of a plug and play makes it the perfect choice. With triangular models that can fit into a corner, you won’t need to sacrifice much patio space. The sizes and configurations of plug and play hot tubs make them a convenient option.

Take it With You

One of the biggest perks of a plug and play is that it’s portable. Moving? Take your plug and play hot tub to your new house. You don’t need to do any property modifications to use it. The hot tub should be placed on a surface that’s solid, level, flat, and a little larger than the spa. Good bases are poured concrete or reinforced wood decking that will support the weight of the spa with water. Good drainage is also a must!

All the Benefits

Hot tubs serve many purposes and provide a wealth of benefits. Hydrotherapy provides pain relief, relieves stress, and soothes anxiety. Some people find that sitting in a hot tub every evening helps them sleep better at night. Whatever your need, a plug and play provides all the benefits of a standard hot tub.

Plug and Play Hot Tub

Immersed in the warm water of your hot tub, you can disconnect and decompress. Enjoy the night sky, sunrise, falling snow and more. With a hot tub, you have a private retreat within steps of your door. Surrounded by nature, you’re able to recharge. A plug and play hot tub offer an easy alternative to anyone who wants a personal oasis without the hassle.

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