A brand new outdoor hot tub brings with it plenty of landscaping and decor opportunities. After all, it should integrate nicely into your backyard, something accessories alone can’t accomplish. How much thought have you given to constructing a custom landscaped area around your spa?

Few additions to your backyard are more fun than a hot tub, and few things are more appealing than a hot tub that fits perfectly into your backyard’s atmosphere. Here are just a few ways you can make your hot tub look awesome.

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Ready for Guests

Do you often have company over and share your hot tub? Why not prep your backyard for the inevitable spa party? Set up picnic tables, a pagoda for shade, and maybe even a nearby firepit for maximum comfort. Show your friends you know how to have a good time in the backyard!

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Private & Intimate

Maybe you prefer to keep the hot tub to yourself or just share it with that special someone. In that case, give yourself a private, intimate setting for your spa. Place it off to one side and set up a privacy screen or natural-looking feature, such as a vine wall, that provides a touch of elegance while blocking others’ views. Enjoy your quiet spa time in privacy and comfort.

Natural Hot Springs

Why not make your spa look like a natural hot spring in your backyard? This works especially well if your spa is built into a deck already. Decorate the surrounding area with plants and flowers for a natural, integrated look. Better yet, the natural setting will add to your relaxation experience in the spa!

Design the Perfect Hot Tub!

Your spa already feels great. Why not make it look great too with custom landscaping and decor to help it match your backyard plan? Check out our gallery for more inspiration!

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