If you’ve been shopping for hot tubs, chances are you’ve seen online ads for upcoming hot tub expos. No matter how appealing those advertisements may look, be wary of their claims. In most cases, you’re in much better hands with a local shop.

Hot tub expos rarely deliver on their promises. With a sizable investment like a backyard spa, it’s best to go with a local shop you can trust. Let’s compare several key factors of hot tub shopping and see which option is better for you.

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Best Prices

Expo: Spa companies at expos will show you “sale prices” or advertise major discounts, but these are rarely accurate. That 50% off price tag may be the actual retail price. Plus, getting an expo booth and traveling to major cities is expensive. Many of these companies increase their prices to recoup their costs.

Local shop: In a consultation with a local spa shop, staff will always be upfront about the exact costs and discounts offered. You won’t have to deal with artificially inflated prices.

Best Customer Service in Houston

Expo: Anyone who has attended an expo can tell you how pushy the sales reps can be. You’ll be surrounded by people urging you to buy now since this “sale” won’t last long. Expo salespeople are more interested in collecting your money than in helping you find the best hot tub for your home. Worst of all, few of the expo vendors have a local branch. If you have an issue with the hot tub they sold you, too bad–they’re gone, and good luck getting in touch with them!

Local shop: A local hot tub shop wants to keep you on as a returning customer and make you happy with your purchase. We will never subject you to high-pressure sales and make you decide immediately. After purchasing your hot tub, our team of experts will be available for any installation and maintenance assistance that you may need.

Pro Tip: Before you buy a hot tub, ask for the warranty the seller offers. Make sure any future maintenance requirements are covered and that the seller is easy to contact!

Best Quality Spas

Expo: At an expo, it’s hard for a customer to determine if a displayed hot tub will actually work as advertised. Since convention centers can rarely accommodate a filled and heated spa, you’re left to just examine the model on display. You have no way of knowing whether the spa shell will fall apart the first time you use it–and chances are that the expo sales reps won’t care if it does. They already have your money and are out of town by then!

Local shop: On the other hand, a local spa sales team has a reputation to maintain in their community. We’ve become a trusted Houston hot tub and swim spa dealership  by selling only the best-quality spas available while providing excellent after-purchase service. We are always available to help you maintain your investment.

Local Shops Provide Better Results

If you want a high-quality hot tub with the best price and good customer service to back it up, shop locally. A hot tub expo may sound appealing until you recognize the many pitfalls of buying from one. We are committed to bringing you the best possible value for your money and helping you every step of the way.

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