The main appeal of a plug and play hot tub is its easy setup process. Fill it up with the hose, plug it in, let the heater kick in, and enjoy! Additionally, as with any spa, you have multiple designs and styles to choose from. Which is best suited to your spa preferences?

Like any hot tub, plug and play spas boast a variety of designs and accessories depending on which style you choose. While a few key features like jets come standard on any spa, a few optional accessories are only provided upon request. Which style and accessories can give you the best spa experience? Check out the different plug and play spa designs to find your favorite.

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Royale and Regal spas each come equipped with a total of 17 jets for a full-body water massage. Both spas seat two people, giving you the perfect environment for a quiet conversation in the hot tub. If you’re interested in playing music while in the spa, both hot tubs can be upgraded with a Bluetooth connection for your phone to use.

Viking Series 3 Spas

This relatively simple hot tub is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a simple spa experience with only a few extra features. With 20 stainless steel jets and underwater LED lights on the standard model, the Viking Series 3 spa can provide a comfortable experience for 3-4 people at once. A homeowner who enjoys spa parties will get plenty of use out of this model.

Aurora Spas

An Aurora Series P spa allows for a more luxurious, private hot tub experience for a fraction of the price. Its 17 total jets line seats that allow you to learn back in the hot water for a truly relaxing experience. Best of all, the updated 2016 model easily fits through your home’s doors, allowing you to place the hot tub wherever you please.

Pro Tip: Our entire inventory of plug and play spas takes 120-240 volts of electricity, meaning any of them are perfectly suited to plug into a typical outdoor electrical outlet right after purchase.

Adding a Plug and Play Spa

Every plug and play spa design includes every feature necessary to give you a complete hot tub experience without the long process of construction. You can start using your new spa on the same day you bring it home. Find your perfect plug and play spa today!

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