Just because you have a small backyard doesn’t mean you can’t have the deck & hot tub of your dreams. With careful planning, you can use your space to create the perfect oasis for relaxing or entertaining friends and family. If you think your backyard is too small for a deck & hot tub, think again. Here are 5 ways to create a plan to add a hot tub and deck to your outdoor space. Click To Tweet

Adding a Deck & Hot Tub to a Small Backyard

If you’ve always wanted a custom deck & hot tub but you are stuck in a small backyard, you can still make it happen. Here are five things to consider when planning a deck and hot tub install when you are lacking in outdoor space:

  1. Consider Location
  2. Measure and Prepare
  3. Evaluate Current Structures
  4. Design Concept
  5. Check Zoning Laws

1) Consider Location

Before you do any planning, step back and take a look at your entire backyard space. See where it might fit well and also be aesthetically pleasing. Take into consideration the fence, landscaping, and other surroundings. Also, make sure that once your hot tub is installed you have access to all sides so maintenance and work can be done with ease.

2) Measure and Prepare

Once you have an idea of where you want your hot tub to sit, measure out your backyards basic shape and dimensions using graph paper. Don’t forget to include structures like the garage, your driveway, fences, landscaping, etc. Fitting a hot tub and deck into your existing backyard might require some rearranging, so make sure to do this before you start building.

3) Evaluate Current Structures

If you already have an existing deck or patio, assess its condition to see if it needs to be repaired or removed to make room for your new hot tub. Make sure your decking is strong enough to hold a hot tub, and also consider where your power sources are if your hot tub runs off electricity.

4) Design Concept

Using your measurements taken earlier, sketch out your proposed backyard, deck & hot tub. Try several variations to see what options you have. If you are struggling coming up with a suitable design, work with a hot tub professional to see their recommendations.

ProTip: Sketching out a design concept of your yard before getting the deck & hot tub installed can give you a detailed view of what your finished backyard will look like.

5) Check Zoning Laws

Once you have your design laid out, you need to be sure to check your local zoning laws for decks & hot tubs. Do not skip this step. You don’t want to have to move your hot tub because it is too close to the fence after it’s installed!

Install a Hot Tub & Deck in a Small Backyard

No matter what size your yard is, a deck & hot tub can be the perfect answer to creating that backyard oasis you’ve always imagined. Just make sure to follow the above tips when creating your plan to upgrade your small backyard with a hot tub and deck.

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