12.6′ Malibu Portable and Inground


Model #NameElectronicsPumpsDimensions
C21012.6′ PortableBP2000Two 5-HP Pumps90″ x 151″ x 51″
C21112.6′ PortableBP3One 5-HP & Two 4-HP Pumps90″ x 151″ x 51″
C21212.6′ PortableBP4Four 4-HP Pumps90″ x 151″ x 51″
C21313.6′ IngroundBP2000Two 5-HP Pumps90″ x 163″ x 51″
C21413.6′ IngroundBP3One 5-HP & Two 4-HP Pumps90″ x 163″ x 51″
C21514.6′ IngroundBP4Four 4-HP Pumps90″ x 175″ x 51″

Inground Models
Inground Depth is 24” w/ Equipment Height at 25”. Entire lower half of Inground frame is manufactured with pressure treated wood and wrapped with poly-ethylene.

Standard Equipment
2 Pump-40 AMP-2 River Swim Jets
3 Pump-50 AMP-2 River Swim Jets
4 Pump-60 AMP-3 River Swim Jets
20 Stainless Steel Jets
8 Side Jets
Exercise Equipment
Underwater Lighting
Pro Fit Cover
Waterline & Swim Lane Tile
120 SQ FT Filter
Full Poly-Ethylene Bottom
2 LB & 5 LB Closed Cell Foam Insulation
Balboa Electronic Systems
Balboa Topside Control Center
Balboa Aux Topside Control ( BP4 ONLY)
Approximate Dry Weight-2700 LBS Portable
Approximate Dry Weight-2800 LBS Inground
Capacity- 1600 Gallons Portable & Inground

Optional Equipment
Ozone 12V Corona Systems
5 1/2 kw Balboa Slave Heater 30 AMP
Dedicated line
(6) Crystal Water Features
(2) 18″ LED Spill Over Waterfalls
Swim Pro Pole And Harness
(24) LED Light Set
Turbo Charged Air Jet System

Stereo Options
Digital Media Receiver, AM/FM-Bluetooth Stereo (No CD).
BP 2000 Balboa Catalina Water Group WI-FI Systems
BP3 or BP4 Balboa Catalina Water Group WI-FI Systems


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