21′ Dual Temp



Model # Name Colors Dimensions
C420 21′ Portable Only Cameo Only 90″ x 248″ x 54″

Standard Equipment
Full Poly-Ethylene Bottom
Pro Fit Cover
Balboa Electronic Systems
LED Jet Package Balboa
Topside Control Center
LED Control Package
2 & 5 LB Closed Cell
Foam Insulation
120 SQ FT Filter x 2
Approximate Dry Weight-3800 LBS
Capacity- 2450 Gallons

Spa Equipment
BP 2000-50 AMPS
(6) LED Cup Holders
(1) 5 HP Pump & (1) 4 HP Pump
(1) LED Spill Over Waterfall
57 Stainless Steel Jets
(3) LED Trevi Pop-Ups
(2) Crystal Water Features
Turbo Charged Air Jet System

Pool Equipment
BP4-60 AMPS-3 River Swim Jets
(2) 18″ LED Spill Over Waterfall
(1) 5 & (3) 4 HP Pumps
(3) 36″ Exercise Bars
46 Stainless Steel Jets
Body Massage
(8) Crystal Water Features
Balboa Aux Topside Control
Waterline & Swim Tile Lane
Stand Up Rowing Exercise Equipment
Pump #1 & Pump #2 Diverter Valve

Optional Equipment
5 1/2 kW Balboa Slave
Heater 30 AMP Dedicated line
Swim Pro Pole and Harness
Turbo Charged Air Jet System for Pool

Stereo Options
Digital Media Receiver, AM/FM-Bluetooth Stereo (No CD).
BP 2000 Balboa Catalina Water Group WI-FI Systems
BP4 Balboa Catalina Water Group WI-FI Systems

**WiFi Systems must specifiy Pool OR Spa. Cannot be on both.**


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