Pure Start Disposable Sediment Filter (10/cs)

The Disposable Sediment Filter is a scientifically engineered cartridge that attaches to a garden hose and captures dirt particles, filtering the water BEFORE it enters into a spa or pool.

Premium quality, disposable sediment filter with hose adapter

  • Attaches to the end of any garden hose
  • Easier to balance chemicals from the start
  • Removes solids from water
  • Reduces hard mineral deposits and extends filter life
  • Engineered for higher dirt holding capacity & better flow rates to allow for faster spa or pool fills
  • Superior melt-spun technology that delivers greater performance than any other sediment filter type
  • Rated at 30 – 40% better flow compared to competition
  • Replaces Filbur FC-3128 Micro-Klean

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