If you own a rental property in Texas and are wondering if you should get a hot tub for the home, the answer is simple–yes, you should. Not only does it make your rental property more appealing, but it can also boost your home value, too.

Home for Rent? Add a Hot Tub!

If you still aren’t convinced that adding a hot tub to your Texas rental property is a great idea, here are three more reasons to have a new hot tub installed.

Wondering if you should add a hot tub to your rental property in Texas? These 3 reasons can show you why you should. Click To Tweet
  1. Get More Renters
  2. Make More Money
  3. Better Return on Investment (ROI)

1) Get More Renters

When you own a rental property, you don’t want your home to sit empty. The addition of a hot tub will actually help you get more renters, and keep the ones that are there longer. With all the benefits hot tubs hold, more and more people are seeking out rental homes with these amenities. People will inevitably choose a property with a hot tub, rather one without.

2) Make More Money

Adding a hot tub to your rental property can help you make more money because renters will pay more if there is one. Statistics show that rental properties with hot tubs usually rent for 20% higher than those without. If you are able to charge more for your home just for having a spa, the decision to get one is a no-brainer!

3) Better Return on Investment (ROI)

There are a number of various hot tub types to choose from these days, from swim spas, plug-n-play, and therapy spas. Regardless of what type you choose, you have nothing to fear, your boost of the rental price and home value will provide you with a terrific return on your investment.

ProTip: Getting a hot tub for your rental property in Texas helps you make more money, get more renters, and a better return on your investment.

Reasons to Have a Hot Tub at Your Rental Property in Texas

When people are looking to rent homes–whether for the short or long term, they are looking for properties with hot tubs.  By making sure your rental property in Texas has one, you are setting yourself up to have constant rental contracts without any lags between and, as mentioned above, you will also be adding significant value to your home.

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