Did you know that your hot tub should be drained and sanitized every three to four months? Many spa owners don’t realize how critical this is for your overall hot tub maintenance. Without a properly sanitized hot tub, you, your family, and your guests could be unknowingly exposed to harmful bacteria. Cleaning your spa should be an essential part of your routine maintenance.

It’s a good idea to check your spa water with test strips frequently to ensure the water is safe. You should also drain and clean your hot tub about four times a year. It’s not the easiest process to empty the water, properly dispose of it, scrub the shell, and refill, but you can do it yourself. Although if you’d prefer or don’t have the time, you could always hire a professional to handle the maintenance. Do you know how to properly disinfect your spa? Follow this guide to kill bacteria and keep your hot tub water clean. #hottublife Click To Tweet


It’s important to follow the correct steps to drain your hot tub. Harmful, disease-causing bacteria called biofilm can accumulate in your hot tub plumbing if you don’t regularly flush the lines. You should use a line flush product that can be purchased at your local Cypress, TX. hot tub store. After following the directions that come with your flush product, you might notice some foam that looks offensive. Don’t worry, this means that the flush product is removing the biofilm.

Once you’ve flushed the lines, it’s time to unplug your hot tub and let it drain. Before draining your hot tub, ensure that your spa breaker is off and that you’ve unplugged and removed electronics to reduce the risk of electrical shock. Remember, you can’t just let gallons of water pour all over your yard or the streets. Instead, attach a hose and either drain it into your city’s sewer system or recycle it by watering your plants. If it’s your first time disinfecting your hot tub, keep in mind that draining the water will take some time. While it’s draining, wash your hot tub cover or go pick up some filter cleaner and shock treatment.

Pro Tip: Before draining your hot tub, check your local laws to see if you’re allowed to reuse the water for your lawn and plants, or if it must be disposed of in a sewer line.

Clean or Change Out the Filter

Take a look at your filter to see if it is really dirty and needs to be thrown out or if it can be sanitized. Throw the filter out and replace with a new one or If your filter is relatively new and doesn’t need to be replaced, you can soak it in a filter cleaner and water solution.

Sanitize the Shell

To thoroughly clean, the hot tub shell, spray it with either special hot tub cleaner, diluted bleach, or for a natural option, white vinegar. Use a soft cloth to scrub away dirt and mold. When you’re finished, rinse the surface and drain the remaining water to remove cleaner and any leftover bacteria.


You should follow the hot tub manufacturer’s instructions for filling your spa, but typically you can use your garden hose to refill. If you’d prefer even cleaner water and want to avoid hot tub stains, attach a hose filter. Try not to overfill your hot tub, because this can cause expensive damages. If you do exceed the water level, drain some immediately. Test your water and adjust accordingly.

Clean & Healthy Soaking

Once your hot tub has been properly sanitized and refilled with fresh water, you’re ready to soak! Enjoy your warm water and relax knowing that your spa is fresh and clean. Remember to always replace the spa cover to keep your hot tub healthy. Do you have any questions about keeping your spa clean? Contact us to talk with our hot tub experts today!