We’ve all heard the ads: “Come on down for the spa expo!” or “Don’t miss our hot tub blowout sale!” But, do they really have the best prices? And how do you know you aren’t getting ripped off? While these road shows and spa expos might seem like a good idea, they aren’t the bargain they claim to be. Many times you get stuck with aggressive salespeople, poor quality products, and lack of service once they are gone to the next city.

Buying Locally is Best

When it comes time to buying a spa or hot tub, your best bet is to buy local. Here are five reasons to buy from your local spa and hot tub dealer, rather than getting ripped off at a spa expo or blowout sale:

  1. Personal Assistance
  2. High-Quality Products
  3. Local Service After the Sale
  4. Better Prices
  5. Business in Your Community

1) Personal Assistance

When you shop locally, your spa provider can help you understand what exactly you are looking for and how they can help. With their expertise, you can be sure you are getting the best spa or hot tub for your family and yard. Their goal is to help you and build rapport so you will refer friends. Sellers at a spa show are there to do one thing only–sell.

2) High-Quality Products

Local spa providers know that high-quality products can make or break their reputation, and make it their mission to sell only the best spas on the market. At many spa shows and blowout sales, sellers are more vague about brands they will have available, as a sneaky way to unload subpar products.

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3) Local Service After the Sale

If you purchase a hot tub at a blowout sale or spa expo, you aren’t guaranteed that you’ll receive service after the sale. Spa expos are like carnivals–here today, gone tomorrow. Buying locally guarantees your satisfaction and ensures that if any issues arise with your new hot tub, it will be taken care of.

4) Better Prices

Even though sellers at spa expos and blowout sales promote cheaper prices, they are also (as mentioned above) touting cheaper products, too. Expos prey on first-time hot tub buyers who don’t know standard pricing and they typically inflate the prices.

5) Keeping Business in Your Community

It’s always best to help out businesses in your community. Local spa providers are working to build a solid reputation for their service and the products they offer. It pays to know the people you do business with and buying your hot tub locally ensures these local companies stay in business and thrive.

Avoid the Convention Center and Shop Local

It’s easy to think that buying from a spa expo is the best way to get a good deal on your next hot tub or swim spa, but most the time, these ads are mere gimmicks and a ploy to get you in and spend money. Remember–if it seems too good to be true, it usually is. Don’t get ripped off or waste your time at a spa expo or hot tub blowout sale. Click To Tweet Buy local and be sure to get the best deal and service around.

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